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Sub: Art of Killing Relationship.

Sub: Art of Killing Relationship.

Julia Bag stood at the mirror dabbing her nose with Ponds Talcum powder. She had a bath just a few moments ago and was getting ready to leave for work. She tightened further the tight Tops and mini Skirt over her tight body and turned sideways to view her. Her paunch jetted out a bit. She drew her breath in. It helped to increase its protruding size of body parts. Smiling to herself, she now took the new bottle of Charlie perfume, which she had grabbed form her Boss last night fun at Hotel Taj Bengal. A generous amount of spray filled the room with fragrance. She made one last stroke on her oiled and combed hair and uttered with relief –

" Besh"!

In the kitchen, her Husband Mauli Nath got the whiff of the new perfume and rushed to the bedroom where the dressing table was. At the moment, he drew the curtain to the bedroom; Julia had just uttered the word - " Besh"

Mauli Nath scrutinized his wife of last two years closely. He had been doing it for the last two Years, ever since he discover after marriage his wife had done Love at night with him just two time in four months.

She had got some gift for her self-form her boss Mr. KK, some new underwear even though it was only two months ago that he bought half a dozen of them for her. Still?!

She had also become very generous with her money. When she wanted to buy that new silk sari and the accompanying gold necklace from P C Chandra, all amounting to a good forty thousand rupees for herself, plan to call her elder sister , who had a love marriage and happily staying in Delhi.

She had no regret for that , as she knows her elder sister’s husband is the most stupid men of this world and he will never object her demand as he loves his elder sister too much. Ordinarily, she would want to know why, but still it is mistry for her, how her elder sister manage to get such a stupid guy, where as inspite of she better educated and good looking than her sister, not able to convince Amithab to marry her( She had been dumped by her boyfriend and run away to USA after using her as a Sex partner for long 4 years).

In fact Julia had even confided to her sister, Sushmita, several times, and tried her best to convince that her husband is not worth for her (with a different action plan, but failed every time)

" There is something! I can tell you didi, there is something!" she had cried to Sushmita .

Presently, Mauli Nath saw his wife in the mirror and hurried towards the door –

" Darling, the lunch ready and packed for you. I am late for office."

Meanwhile, the conversations between Julia and Sushmita, who called regularly to speak to her and give her emotional Poisions, had become uncomfortably close. Sushmita was hardly aware therefore, when a shift in heart happened and when, in her mind slowly her husband became a suspect, if her own sister can have such relationship with her boss, then definitely her husband also have the same thing with his working executives , the way Mr. KK sir manage to do with Juila , instead of he is 55 Years old and have a daughter of age 26 years.

Where as her husband , no dought is a bright guy inspite of born in a small village and study in Bengali Medium School , became the Gold Medalist in B.Tech , and today is the one of the main Icon of Corporate Marketing world.

But last two years , her husband became little-less caring the moment she killed their first un born-child without her husband’s consent and lie to hom that the child was a normal miscarriage , when she went to her sister house , off course the advice given by Juila only to her , that she should not became pregent as, Indian men always consider Women as a “Child making machine”only !!!!

" So what," she had thought to herself, " after all Juila is also managed with Muli Nath , in spite Juila had a arrange marriage , where as Sushmita had a long crash with her husband before marriage at least 4 years and she know very well her husband can’t live without her and he will never ever accept to any lady ( as she had allready tested the same several time during thier 4 years Long Crash), let the Sushmita Sen come to him, but for him Sushmita Bag is the Sushmita Sen for his rest of the life.

Mauli Nath noticed no change in his wife. She was too busy mentally, what with this new love in her life with the boss and all. Still for him the sex in latter part of four months average increased from two times to four times. He is thankful to his wife for that, for the improvement at lest.

" It’s like a new lease of life.,” he admitted to himself.
But Juila , have a different Plan in her mind. She does not want her elder sister should have a happy married life with her beloved one, as she not able to Grab Amithab and want to teach a Lesson to all Indian Men!!!

So , now she Play the ultimate card with her friend Jaya at Delhi.

Jaya and Julia , both are the class mate in their textile angering course.

Julia’s elder sister’s Husabnd’s also a well known marketing guy in Textile Industry.
Recently jaya had been sacked from her job , due her open adultrity with her boss.

Julia asked Jaya to talk to Sushmita and definitely sushmita’s Husabnd will do some thing for her to get a Job.

Jaya Started friend ship with Sushmita , after all she is Julia’s friend and one day Sushmita introduce her to her husband and request for a Job .

Her husband happily promise to his wife , that definitely try to get some Job for her sister’s friend.

In the mean time , Sushmita’s Husabnd came to know , Jaya had been sacked from her earlier company , hence he told himself and start to avoid to put any effort to get a good job for her.

As he can’t take the risk of his own creditability , if Jaya do nay stupid think in future.

But on the other Hand, Jaya and Julia continuously try to call to Sushmita’s Husbands Mobile, even in the night 10.00PM, 11.00PM also, Sushmita asked his husband to switch off the mobile.

But her Husband first time blasts her: “ This is my Company’s mobile, why the hell I should Switch off the same? “

Sushmita: “ Ask your Company to change the mobile number, then Jaya Will not get your new Number, and the disturbance will stop, very simple”.

Sushmita’s husband : “ Are you mad ? Why you do not ask to call your sister Julia and tell her to stop the Jaya?”

Sushmita : “ I have already talk with Julia, she told me you and Jaya have a relationship and that is the reason , you are not obeying my words. “

Now I am going to Kolkata and till the time You will not change the mobile number , I am not going to come back , choice with you .

Sushmita’s Husabnd : “ Shut up !! If you go out of House , you forget for the rest of the life . You will be never find me back here.”

Next week when her husband gone to office tour out of Delhi , the Sushmita’s sister and parents rush to Delhi and before sushmita’s Husabnd come back , they left the house and go to Kolkata.

Julia , smile from her heart : “ Yes she had done it . Last two years sushmita was never separated from her Husabnd for a single day , now they are separated .”

Next step : Advice and action Plan.

Put a false dowry case , maintance case and demand for a Divorce out of the court with 20 Lacks demand .

Sushmita’s Husabnd shocked , who had not taken a glass of water form her wife’s family , today decame a dowry seeker?

Immediately her husband rush to his Lawyer friend with his bank statement and showed that after marriage, it is the Sushmita’s parents used to take money from their Son-in-LAW and his bank statement shows clearly the Name of Sushmita’s sister , father and mother’s name !!!

Immediately go for Quashing the FIR and the Court Successfully quashed the FIR.

So , first action plan failed, next paln to kill the second unborn child , but this time sushmita’s Husabnd was desprate to save his child and without any dealy demand to save his life to President of India and Court and immediately court and police direct them at any cost they should not kill this child .
But Julia , still not happy with the failure of her action plan , as still sushmita and her husband not gone for divorce and happily have a child with them .

But yes the dark spot put on the relationship between the “Sushmita and her husband”, both know will not go away in their life time, but they have to live together for the child’s future.

Where as the Julia , continuously trying her effort to make them separate and till date her effort have not stopped in spite of failure of Jaya’s story , and we will be witness more such story like .. Tina , Meena , Pinky, Lalita, Pooja,Sunita,Avshila,Monika,Neera, Meera .. long list .

Till the time the Julia are there, millions of Sushmitas and her husbands are going to suffer, but wonder, why still such Julia born in our country?

Is there any medicine to stop that ?

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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