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Violence a Violence a home truth for India Husband !!!

Violence a Violence a home truth for India Husband !!!

So much for the law to promote domestic violence against Indian Husbands and wonder no social organizations have done any research on that, no one demanded the data of Crime against men by women and crime against women by another women.

A on line based Foundation called " Save Indian Family" who is having 5 online group, and 10 on filed NGO , received more than one lacks mail from different Part of India in last one year , finally conducted the study on Indian Husbands in association with 'My Nation" from all over India that , 98% of the respondents had suffered domestic violence at least once in their lives. The study covered Indian Husbands from various socio-economic strata but the bulk of the respondents, according to the researchers, came from the upper middle class and middle class.

The study conducted between April 2005 and March 2006 by doctors and IT Engineers Community of Save Indian Family and My Nation.

Save Family Foundation , Delhi , has been selected for presentation of Gander Biased LAW of India and the effect of the same to the husband vs. wife relationship and the effect of Future child's growth , soon their concern that very soon the Indian Civilized Institution of marriage System going to close to the animal society principal and in coming years there will be huge Father less Childs.

About 1650 Husbands aged between 15-49 years and selected through
random sampling were interviewed using a schedule adapted from the WHO multi-country study on Husband's health and domestic violence.

The study looked at all four aspects of domestic violence — Economical, emotional, physical and sexual. Economical violence was found to be the commonest with 32.8% respondents saying they had faced it at least once, followed by emotional ( 22.2%) , by physical (25.2%) and sexual violence (19.8%). An interesting finding was that the probability of violence increased significantly with the duration of marriage particularly if it was more than seven years old.

But, says Dr J K Grover, one of the researchers, ''Our interviews also showed that Indian Husband who had experienced some form of violence during the first year of marriage, continued to do so for the rest of their lives.

It is not something that just goes away.'' Explaining his reasons for choosing the subject, he says, ''Contrary to popular perception, domestic violence is a hardcore public health issue with far-reaching health connotations like mental illnesses and stress disorders. But most studies done so far have been in the hospital/clinic setting, so they focused on physical health that too of the severe kind that may need medical help. So the whole spectrum has often been missed.I wanted to get a community perspective to the matter.'' Said Dr Sudip , MMBS ,MD ''The study has clearly shown that domestic violence is perpetrated across all socio-economic classes. Our respondents came from diverse backgrounds and the study was limited by the fact that Indian Husbands as a rule are not very forthcoming about these issues.

Yet the figures were significantly high. Every 8 minutes one Indian Men end their life and the chances are 200% higher after marriage as per stastics of Crime bure of India.''

The study found that a high proportion of Indian Husbands who had experienced domestic violence were either well educated or earn good amount of money by their day night hard work.

Talking about the way forward, Mr. Mahesh Tiwari a Young Supreme Court lawyer says, False ''Women's empowerment" in the name of "Wife Empowerment" , ensuring a lot of age old Mothers to be live in Age old home just to avoid any harassment to their sons.

They had been thrown out of their own house, by their Daughter-in-law and their sex hungry son's prefers to compromise and send them in age-old homes.

The fact that though Husbands are not dependent on others, has been found to be soft target of domestic violence through the world and their female partners had taken the un-due advantages of the same. No Government sponsored Social study center or any media shown any concern, why the Higher rate of Husbands ending their Life after marriage !! ''

"Save family foundation" and " My Nation" campaign for a Domestic harmony LAW , Planed to represent their study reports to the Home Affairs Minister's LAW reviewing Committee regarding the various LAW like 498a, DV act and Section 125 , which had been misused heavily just to destroy the Domestic Harmony of Indian Society and the Crime against men are Increasing all over the Places .

Supreme court of India allready shown thier concern and asked to Stop the "Legal Terrorism " in the form of misuse of 498a and the necessary changes to be made by Parlament , but it seems our LAW makers prefers to sleep in silence , as they do not want to disturb their Vote Bank and forcing the Child under single parenting system , as thier voice can't reach to them and they do not have any vote bank . (Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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