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Women's role in promoting gender equality

Women's role in promoting gender equality

One of the important resolutions discussed and action plan decided at the Save Indian Family's meeting with "Youth For Equality", on 24/02/2007 on the role of women in the promotion of gender equality.

The evolving process of gender equality involves both men and women. Raising awareness of the 'partnership' concept in sharing the economical burden and need to meet the 21st century life style, where both parents work is becoming more widespread.

However, addressing gender equality from the women's perspective is essential as women have much to give and to gain from gender equality policies on the other hand "Women Liberasition itself is Men's liberation.

Since ages Indian Men taken the responisbility of Indian women in terms of Socail security , economical security, protection Of Women from all criminals by sacrifycing thier own life , where as the Indian women had only taken the role of "abala nari" and make Indian Men to make thier blood to sweat and die faster .

But in 21st century , no more Indian Women are "abala nari" or "forced to wear only Sari" , they are as equall to men in every respect including refuse to wear the Sari.

Save Indian Family Foundation recommends that:

• The national curricula and lifelong learning initiatives include programmes aimed at producing strategies and practical measures that address the contribution of both parents to family responsibilities, including Joint Child Custedy.

• Resurch on Sucide of Men vs Women after marrige and before marriage. The Necessary helpline to be set up all over India .

• Promotion of "Domestic Harmony Act" and Political, Media, Social Campain for the same.

• All the gander biased LAW to be amended with the replace of Word "wife/husabnd '= "Spouse" and "Men/women"= "Person".

• Research be carried out on the perception, attitudes and behaviour of women regarding gender equality to be able to address the needs of men and women in the formulation of policies and avoid the anit male LAW's.

• Current courses for couples preparing for marriage should include the women's perspective on gender equality in the home, at the workplace and in society at large.

• Training for parents to create awareness of meaningful 'relationships' of gender equality as role models and the importance of their role in raising boys and girls as equal partners in their daily life and

• Carry out studies on stereotyping of men and women in the media, with a view to understand better the pressures resulting from the representation of men and women in magazines, on television and Internet, among others.

In the coming MCD election Save Indian Family Foundation's Delhi Association will Contest at least 5 Seats, where the Congress Candiate will be hot favourite to win and ensure thier defete , as they feel Congress Goverment's Policy are always 'anit-family", "anti-child", "anti-women" and they are only intersted to promote the "Male hater Women" in thier party and give the save gurd to adultrous women only.

Recent examaple : NCW trying hard to make the adultrity civil LAW instead of Criminal LAW(497) , so that the civilized society can be converted to a animal society.

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)

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