Thursday, March 15, 2007

' 'Do not entertain frivolous dowry cases''

' 'Do not entertain frivolous dowry cases''

THE DELHI High Court continues its crackdown against the abuse of
Section 498 (A) of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to punishment for
dowry harassment. In the fourth significant ruling on the misuse of
the provision within a month, the court on Tuesday directed trial
courts to closely scrutinise allegations before framing charges under
the antidowry law to curb the incidence of married women charging
their in-laws with dowry harassment on frivolous grounds. "While
framing charges the trial court must take into account the entirety
of the case, all the documents which are brought to its notice,
including the correspondence between the couple, and thereafter
decide whether there was a case made out or the court was being used
as a tool," said Justice Shiv Narayan Dhingra. Quashing proceedings
under Section 498 (A) in a lower court against one Sangeeta Kalra in
a frivolous case filed by her sister-in-law Renu (name changed), the
judge said, "Where the lower court frames charges with a closed mind
without proper enquiry and charges, in fact, amount to gross misuse
of criminal justice system, it becomes the duty of the High Court to
intervene so that there is no miscarriage of justice and people's
faith in judicial system remains intact."

Will this Judgement will be really followed at trial court and Police station?

Stastics says till date more than 98% cases used for extrotion of money and easy divorce and only 2% found to be true case.

Wonder , if thier money earning business stop , how they will be reacted and will try to find out some other method to use the Legal Terrorism tools like Domestic violence act, Maintance act, child custedy act.

Any way some action is better than none and hope Indian judicery system should not became as a fish market.

Indian divorce soar – Are they Civilized or Legal Terrorist??

Are we ready to provide a Better future for our Child ?

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