Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is Ms. Indra Jai Singh above the LAW?

Is Ms. Indra Jai Singh above the LAW?



On the eve of the passing the Biased, assumption based, Domestic Violence Act, a tool to explore the Legal Terrorism in India and A big Job opportituity to Sick , money minded advocates, Indra Jai Singh have not forget to send the challenge to SIF volunteers, if possible stop the DV act in Present form as drafted by her office , but SIF volunteers only say "Congrulation to her with a caution that the day is not too far when Indian women also have to beg for a part time father for their child in National High way, they way today a lot of western women are doing and the same bolged as "Another step to Kill the Institution of marriage-Part -2."

Does she forget that, her own CNBC Interview? Every think is available for whole world in my Blog , including the article at Telegraph edition.

Now Indra Jai Singh seems showing her anger and frustration and definitely lost her mental balance after observing that within two months Supreme court of Indian find fault in the Badly Drafted So called Domestic Violence Act , which we anticipated long back , as her real intention to make the Domestic violence Act was not to protect a women , it was to Promote the Legal Terrorism in India and give un due save guard to those Modern Supernakhas and Modern Ravan of our Society.

Seems she is further became a devoted sadist women, as her action plan to make this Indian civilized society if not equal to animal society, at least close to that, where millions of child have to live under father less society.

After the various male hating article by Hindu's Kalpana Sharma, Telegraph's Ms. Chandriam, now it is the time for Ms. Indra Jai Singh to take the Charge of the Job to promote the male hating business and earn money, instead of Fight at court and give the Justice to real Victim irrespective of any biased view that all the women born in Raja Harish Chandra family (never lie) and all the Men born in a Criminal family.

In this article one thing is clear that , she might have forget that by getting some sexual Parts in the body does not mean to be termed as a Women, to be termed as a women , she need a heart of Women first .

Further She might have forget that still all Indian women have not able to reach that level, where they can get five male prostitutes in the night to fill their male hating agenda.

She writes: "The Supreme Court and our High Courts seem to have changed their goal posts when it comes to women. Husbands must no longer be convicted for taking dowry, dowry must be redefined and parents must be convicted for giving dowry Demanding money from the wife's parents after marriage to purchase household necessities and manure for cattle, is no long a demand for "dowry" but a demand for necessity No demand for dowry, hence no dowry death!"

Does she know that every year more than 22000 husbands are ending their life due to Dowry harassment by their wife, If supreme court go through the bogus definition of the word Dowry?

At the time of marriage every thing is "Streedhan" and when the dispute come, every thing became dowry, including the Under wear of the Husband and for that no evidence is required, only the wife's or pimps Lawyer's statement is sufficient.

Yes, Supreme Court should avoid making the Indian Judiciary like a fish market, inspite of her desperate attempt to kill the Indian Judiciary System. I will Not be wonder if her associates start to Breaking the Supreme Court's Judges Chair, as we know those have previously Broken the Delhi High Court's Judge's Chair and still to be punished .

She cry:" Women have no right to reside in the matrimonial home"

Who says or it is her assumption? Further does she know what is the meaning of marriage and what is the meaning of a husband and wife? Does she know the marriage happened between a Husband and wife? As a wife she have all the right provided she know the responsibility of the marriage, yes prostitutes does not have any right to Matrimonial Home and off course Pimps are not allowed to do the legal terrorism, who treat the Husband's family as a Free ATM machine.

Further we wonder, she is a Senior Supreme court Lawyer and in her long carrier, how many time she had given the right to a women to her parental property right, (this is also a LAW).

Does she forget all the LAW of this Land?

Why till date she is silent against those parents, who do not give their daughter or sister the equal right to their parental property?

She got surprised: "Indeed the well-worn cry we hear from the Bench is "Women are misusing the law". "

Madam you might be a blind, that does not mean that every one is blind . more than 98% cases misused for extortion of money and the4 same witness in the court record , would you suggest that supreme court should burn all the court records ?

Yes, a biased, by born male hater, child hater, marriage hater, and family killer only will get surprised.
Rantings of senile Male Hater where her view had been sumarised for reference.

Contribution of our Madam Ms. Indiara Jai Singh and her associates at Delhi only in last 16 Years :

More than 7 Lacks full time of part time prostitutes ( including both male and female).
More than 3.6 lacks father less child.

Do not worry madam , our Sonia Ji and Renuka Ji will give you the Bharat Ratna Award for your this un beatable achievements.

Further she try to reduce the earlier stastics of 70% women face domestic violence with the argument :" The recently conducted National Family Health Survey III (2005-06) of the Government of India found that 37.2 per cent women have experienced violence in the form of physical or sexual abuse by their husbands."

Why this double standard? or She want to say after DV act the violence against women reduced from 70% to 37% percent ?

Why she afraid to publish the stastics of Violence against Husband stastics ?

Does she know that as per her definition of Domestic Violence more than 98% face the same domestic Violence? Thank god at least god had not given the same power in certain area, otherwise , we might have witness every day red blood flowing in the City Drain .

Like that a lot examples are their, her desperate attempt to justify the wrong doers and to save gird the husband killer's, un born child killers, Child abuser, adulterous women, kill the age old mothers (who have completed all her responsibility as a daughter, sister, mother, even grand mother) at their own home or put them in Jail without even considering she is right or wrong.

Now the Question Indian Men have decided, what you will do, if some one abuse your mother or sister in her own house, forget about in the road?

Ms. Indra Jai Sing seems very much committed to Kill your mother and sister by her article as published in Hindustan times.

If tomorrow your sister or daughter became a prostitutes or start begging a part time father for their child just remember her Face , she is Indra jai Singh.

She might not learned that Terrorist activity can't give the freedom , as history witness, so her well planned Legal Terrorism tool in the form of AK47 without lenience today not only killing the Young people , it is killing the age old parents, sister's also.

Still she have not answered till date : Does a Husband's Mother, sisters not a women ?

Why she do not agree to make the LAW on crime based ?

If she is so confident that women do not do the crime or do not do the domestic violence , they will not be punished , very simple.

We have to wait and watch, her next dirty action plan in Sexual harassment bill , another tools to earn the money without work at office .

Well come this great lady of India and thanks to Hindustan times editor to publish her article, otherwise, we might have got a news, that the Hindustan Times Editor tried to rape the Ms. Indra Jai Singh, they way she even tried to shut the mouth of Delhi High Court Judges.

Let Supreme Court of India decided, are they capable to save guard their own chair, time being forget about the giving the Justice to innocent and punish the real criminal.

Wonder will she ever learn to make a LAW on crime based or still continue her male hating agenda and will send any women behind the bar , if she dare to love some Men in her life , let it be as a friend, brother, father or son .

Women will be put behind the bar as soon as she will dare to voice for to stop the Injustice to men at any form of relationship, including Media Journalists.

Once again the Supreme Court of India have to decide, is Ms. Indra jai Singh above the LAW? If not why she should not be punished as per Contempent of LAW for her the above linked article?

She and her associates can file any attempt to rape case or Sexual Harassment Case, against any Judges, they can break the Judge's Chair and got soct free, they can kill any husband's mother and sister , they can kill any un born child as their own birth right , they can term any grand mother a criminal , if she dare to give a Child milk to save the Child's life as the Child's own mother refused to give the milk to her child, they can even put the false charge against the Wipro Chairman in Domestic Violence Act to defame the work Culture without any evidence .. And all are termed to be the Women's Right's in India !!!

Great My India to give us such type of by born blind male hater women and wonder our Iswar Chandra Bidya Sagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy should be proud for that.

If so let close all the Judicial system and let Ms. Indra Jai Singh and her associates run this country's Judicial System!!!!

With High Regards

Swarup Sarkar

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)


Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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