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'It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man'

'It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man'

Not only on the one hand, the judges sympathise about only a small verbal alligation "violence against women", on the other hand women's orginasations earned a huge money by making each and every "Domestic Dispute" to a Violence and fooled the judges in the very temple of justice itself.

Tarun Chaudhary, while appearing in the court of Justice at Barasat, on Feb24th, 2007, was told by the judge that he understnad that his wife is a lier , but he can't do any thing , he have to order the 1/3rd of his salary to his wife , inspite his wife a Well educated and can easily earn per month Rs.15 to 20K, but as Tarun earn per month 30K , so he have to pay her , as the supreme court guideline's the justice should be on the basis who wear sari and who do not wear fanous Judge and to be hief Justice of India.

The lawyers who is fairly senior at the bar was shocked by his words. They requested the judge not to use words which would outrage soeity's modesty. Promptly came the reply, "You have no modesty to outrage, first wear the Sari , then ask why we give tax benifit to Women and huge maintance to wife in any marrige dispute, with reference to Supreme Court's Judge's Recent Comment in a PIL application."

There are several witnesses to the incident, including male/female lawyers with more than 40 years experience at the bar.

Apparently, Chief Justice, had not brothered to call the Judge and asked any explanation form him.

Is our LAW and justice system on Sari Theroy?

If so , then what about those wives , who are freely refuse to wear sari?

Is there any, different rule for them ?

It appears that though he has admitted that some unpleasant exchange of words did take place, he denied using specific words attributed to him by Chaudhary.

What could have led a well-respected judge to say things like this?

I can only think of the fact that he was outraged by the ongoing strike and media promotion of making adultrity LAW as a Civil LAW , but Save Indian Family Foundation Strongly oppsed that step.

Whilst I don't agree with the NDTV's media Promotion of NCW's agenda, the judge must know where to draw the line.

It is one thing to be angry against NDTV like news Media and deal with them professionally; it is another thing to disrespect honest men/women in front of Tempal of Justice.

In an amazing show of solidarity, SIF Volenter's have approached the chief justice of India, President of India with three demands.

1. That a departmental inquiry should be conducted against the judge for making the Justice system as Sari.based theroy , insted of evidence and fact nad necessary guidelines to be work out against such Judges to avoid such funny Judgement in the Tempale of Justice.

2. That the chief justice of India should grant permission to prosecute those Judges , who give the Judgement without considering the evidence , like Husabnd's IT return shows his Income Es.10000/- per month , but awarded the maintance to wife Rs.125000/- per month.

3. And, that contempt of court action should be taken against the judge because when Chaudhary sited a judgment of Supreme courts, the judge refused to look at it because he claimed he didn't recognise such judgments.

While it was the Supreme Court that laid down the guidelines to prevent misuse of maintance act under 125, the courts themselves have always taken the view that this judgment doesn't apply to them.

There have been cases where Husabnds have been abused and harassed by judges openly and blackmailed that : Pay 20 Lacks or 30 Lacks to wife or go to Jail !!!

Where as the criminal justice system says, court can't order to pay any money by threat, court's job to find the truth and punish the criminals, still wonder, why we wittness such logic at the time of Husband's bail application under 498a ( A criminal case ).

With what confidence can a Husabnd litigant expect justice from the court?

While on the one hand, we continue to pass legislation to 'protect' women" on the other hand, at the ground level, Husabnd's are discriminated against for being a men.

As Chaudhary told me, "It was a crime that I was born as Man and a further crime that I decided to become a educated and working in a MNC Company today as a Marketing head?."

Today, he is deeply disturbed Man. The only ray of hope is that SIF Volenter's from Delhi provide him the moral support and tell him , do not stop fighting , money is not the solution, work hard and earn more money or sell your Body Parts , but fight and prove them that they are wrong.

If wroking in a good Company is the crime as per 125 maintance law, stop doing crime and say sir , now I no more work , they way my wife says in the court , instead of working in a Private firm?

Is this we expect from Indian justice system ?

Let wait and watch what action Chief Justice of India and President of India ( the most smart guy , never married ,legally) take.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


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