Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Press Release:Save Indian Family Foundation

Press Release:Save Indian Family Foundation
Save Indian Family Foundation

Date: 10-03-2007

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Press Release

Men are losing faith on Indian Justice System.

The Indian Family System is at cross roads and at this juncture men have stopped trusting the Indian Justice System. Indian Justice System still expects husband to take responsibility of protector and provider in this era of gender equality and women’s empowerment. The justice system gives little to men, when they face any marital problem.

In case of any litigation due to differences with spouse, the men are considered guilty till proven innocent by the justice system. This very notion is against principle of natural justice. As he is considered guilty even before he pleads his case, he often loses his fundamental rights that he deserves as a citizen of India.

The laws of cruelty, adultery, dowry harassment and domestic violence are heavily biased against the men. This has driven many of them and their families to suicide and yet the legal system has given little justice to them. The courts have acknowledged the misuse of many draconian laws by unscrupulous wives and yet they never prosecute the women and their families, who file false dowry cases and get the innocent family of husband jailed.

In western countries men get joint custody of children or shared parenting rights. In India, men are not allowed by our judicial system to see their children even for an hour for many months.

Controversial National Commission for Women declares adulterous men as criminals and adulterous women as victims. No person with a sane mind can understand how an adulterous woman can be a victim.

Given such a state of affairs, it is no longer surprising that men today have little trust on the justice system, which often jails their innocent parents in false cases. NRI men who have dowry cases against them are arrested at airports itself and their passports are impounded. So, why any NRI would ever dare to return to India, risk career and life in a justice system which any case considers him to be guilty even before the trial?

Today, the talk is all about red corner notices on NRI husbands, whose wives have filed dowry cases against them in India. What is nicely forgotten is, there are red corner notices against many Indian women as well by police in US and these women are hiding in India after committing crimes according to US laws. Is Indian government ready to extradite these women to US as well so that they can be tried for their crimes in US?

The ratio of suicide of males and females in India is 64 to 36. If men have all the power in the society and family, then why such a large number of men are committing suicide compared to women? 72,651 men are committing suicide compared to 41,046 women every year. Women’s suicides are represented as dowry deaths, where as men’s suicides due to harassment by wife or her parents are often trivialized.

Feminists spread lies in media. The most famous hoax is that of UNDP report which had mentioned that 70% of Indian women face domestic violence. In reality, UNDP or UNFPA never published this statistic. Still, alarmism is created in the society with such false claims. How appropriate it is to create panic and alarmism in society with false statistics?

We demand exercise of our rights according to constitution of India. We demand men’s right to equality.

Men must get 50% child custody or at least full weekend with children if there is litigation between wife and husband. Women who violate such custody orders must be punished.
Women and her parents, who abuse, beat, kick, slap and threaten the man, his parents, his brothers and sisters must be punished according to various sections of Indian Penal Code.
Legal System must arrest and prosecute the wives and their parents who drive husbands to suicide. At present these criminals are roaming freely in the society.
Law of harassment at workplace must be made gender neutral.
A bill must be passed in parliament to make domestic violence laws gender neutral.
Section 498a of IPC must be made bailable and compoundable at least for elders, mothers, sisters and relatives. People filing false cases under these sections must be tried for malicious prosecution under section 211 of Indian Penal Code.
Divorce must be immediately granted to men whose wives have filed false cases or subjected the husbands to cruelty.
No alimony/maintenance must be given to a working woman, who walks out of marriage.
Working women must spend equal share for common expenses of the family and household.
Abortions must be banned all over the country to stop female foeticide. Only a selected few doctors in every city are given license to do abortions only under rare situations like rape or danger to woman’s life. Any other doctor doing abortions must be jailed for 3 years. That’s the only way to stop female foeticide.

Strong action must be taken against feminists who create alarmism in society by spreading lies which is creating fear among people to have girl child.

For example, will you like to have a girl child born in family, if feminists tell you that your daughter will have 80% chance of beaten, slapped, kicked, hit, raped or burnt for dowry? Because of such language creating false alarmism with false statistics, people are killing the girl child.

Governments of US and Canada have warned NRI men traveling to India to be careful about Indian laws which imprison them and seize their passport without any investigation of accusations or evidence.


Statistics (from National Crime Bureau Sources)

· In every 8 minutes a man commits suicide in India.

· Suicides by men and women at ratio of 64 to 36.

· Total number of suicides men are 72,651 where as for women the figure is 41,046

· Total number of murders of men are 26,467 where as the figure for women is 7952.

· Number of suicides by men due to family reasons is 15,324 where as the number for women is 10,207.

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(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)


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