Friday, April 20, 2007

Can a married woman lawfully live with her lover against the will of her husband?

Can a married woman lawfully live with her lover against the will of her husband?

Ask any civilized society person including a small Child of age 5 to 7 years.

They will say "No".

But The Rajasthan High Court says "yes".

Now the Question arise, if the answer "yes" , then what will happen , if a Married men lawfully live with his lover against the will of her Husband?

In a judgment on Wednesday, the court allowed a married woman, Manju, to live with her lover, Suresh. "It is improper to pass an order to hand over any unwilling married woman to her husband with whom she does not want to stay," said justices GS Mishra and KC Sharma. The court also said that nobody should consider an adult woman as a consumer product.

But he had not mentioned, what for the institution of marriage is required? Does all Husband to be treated as a Free ATM Machine?

This is another step to save guard the adulterous women of our society and desperate attempt to converting a civilized society to a animal society and moving towards a father less society.

Commenting on the judgment, senior Supreme Court advocate and noted women's rights activist Indira Jaising said, "Though it sounds strange, I am in complete agreement with the high court."
"At the end of the day an adult woman has a right to decide whom she wants to live with. She can't be forced to go with her husband against her will," Jaising said in Hindustan times News.

But she have not told, if the same is not applicable for an adult men?

Why this double standard?

It reminds me again this country ruled by Modern Ravan and their sisters and today Modern Laxman is totally Power less.

It will be very interesting to see the reaction of Ms. Girjya Vyas, NCW Chairman , as she is desperately want to make the austerity LAW as a civil crime and all the adulterous women to be considered as Victim only and she refuse to accept the LAW commission's recommendation to make 497 , adultrity to be crime for both men or women.

"Father less Society" , that is the aim of todays LAW makers and it seems some Judges also desparte to support that , where the ideal judgement was such women to be send behind the bar as they are not only a cancer to the family they are cancer for the whole society , but some judges prefers to provide any facility and support the act of women as done by long back Ravan.

Let wait and see how the Supreme Court , take this Judgment as positive or negative step towards for a civilized society.

At the end the women activist, may have forget, in long run, it will be the women, who will suffer more as , this judgment also ensure that a man also will be staying with his lover as per " interpreting right to life and liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution ".

In the name of adult women or men does the Constitution allow us to do any crime and get Scot-free?

A worng is Wrong and the same can't be justified by any means and some Judges seems had forget that and as a result we allready wittness today in several cases even a Husband Killer , Child Killer also got scot free and now it is the time for adultrous women also !!

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Swarup Sarkar

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