Sunday, April 08, 2007

Congress Paid the Price in Delhi MCD Election for Promoting Family Killer LAWS!!

Save Indian Family Foundation before start the Delhi MCD Election announce thier activity thorugh the call : Women's role in promoting gender equality. , neither media or congress goverments immagine the effect of the same and still they can't belive the result and start blaming the sealling effect to dilute the real cause of the failure of Congress Goverment in Delhi MCD election.

In the coming MCD election Save Indian Family Foundation's Delhi Association will Contest at least 5 Seats, where the Congress Candiate will be hot favourite to win and ensure thier defete , as they feel Congress Goverment's Policy are always 'anit-family", "anti-child", "anti-women" and they are only intersted to promote the "Male hater Women" in thier party and give the save gurd to adultrous women only.

Recent examaple : NCW trying hard to make the adultrity civil LAW instead of Criminal LAW(497) , so that the civilized society can be converted to a animal society.

It seems Congress Goverment and thier Leaders have not taken that seriously.

Result we wittnes toady :BJP emerges victorious in MCD polls

So , In Delhi MCD Poll the Congress Goverment paid the Price for thier Promotion of Male hater Minister like Ms. Renuka Chowdhary , who earlier said , it's trun to suffer the Men in India on the eve of passing the biased family destruction Weapean in the form of AK47 without lincence , the so called Domestic Violence Act, Instaed of Domestic Harmoney Act .

Let the congress make more and more Family Breaking LAW , Let them Promote
the Male hater ministers , Let them Promote the Father less society , Let
them try to save gurd the Adultrous women or our Society , Yes Indian people
are fool , but not stupid.

Cheers Delhi SIF and thanks for those , who had put all thier effort to
ensure the Kick out of Congress in Delhi MCD election., for not that BJP
wins MCD Elections, it is for the Congress Who had paid the price for thier anti-family, anti- child and promotion of Father less Society for our future Child.

Let them decided , the day is not too far .. when misniter like Renuka have
to beg a men in National High way , forget aboput to get a part time father
for thier child, as we wittness today in allmost all western Countries , where the Instituion of Marrige became like a Joke !!!

Though we forsee very soon the same failure formula of those western countries had been implemented in India my Congress Ministers along with some male -hater women activist , just like a cut, copy and paste and we are moving towards a fahter less society at rapid speed , this is a small step form the Volenters of Save Indian Family Foundation.

With High Regards
Swarup Sarkar


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