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Every day 30 to 40 Delhi Husbands are loosing their Home.

Every day 30 to 40 Delhi Husbands are loosing their Home.

Every day 30 to 40 Delhi Husbands are loosing their Home in protection of Women Domestic Violence Act, 2006.

The Domestic Violence Act had given the boom to all Lawyer's Business, in Delhi a single lawyers had filed till date more than 60 domestic Violence Act, 2006 against the Indian Husbands. Every day he is filling at least 2 to 3 New case under domestic violence act to throw out the Husband from their own house or ensure the Husabnd have to pay the rent of his wife , irrespective the wife is right or wrong and for all the proces required maximum 90 days activity.

Same way in Delhi the court staff says, at least every day 30 to 40 New DV act cases are coming.

It had been witness, Judges are not able to do any thing, as some cases it had been observed the husband wife are staying separately each other for more than 2 to 20 years, maintance case already decided under both section 24 as well as 125 , Child custody decided , some cases the Husband cleared all the allegation for 498a at police station and it is the wife family facing the criminal case , all is immaterial , when the DV act comes , Judges have to register the case and have to give some relief , if not at least a right to residence to her , irrespective the husband earn Rs.500 or 5 Lacks per month.

A lot of cases the Wife's are demanding the compensions in the range of 25L to 50 Lacks inspite of thier Husabnd's per year IT return shows 1.25 to 1.5 lacks and the court does not consider the same as Legal Extrotions.

The basic features of the DV act, right to residence is the main attraction( ex party) , inspite of high paid job and well educated wife, the wife claim the domestic violence , like, verbal abuse, economical abuse, name calling and her own verbal statement is sufficient and irrespective of any thing, either husband have to provided her a house or pay the rent of equal amount in which the husbands are staying.

So, those are facing some disturbance in domestic dispute with their wife, immediately book a rented house and rent agreement , in front of Law that should be the matrimonial house , say another laywer who fighting to save gurd the Husabnd's right .

This is a must to do activity , otherwise , they are going to cry after wards for their foolish ness.

Rent a house at lower rate and establish your matrimonial house and you are not staying with your wife since the date of the agreement, let you stay with her or not, but in front of law this is very much required .

With out that you can't save gurd your hard earned money or your won house.

No other option presently available in the Law, till the time Supreme Court does not give some guidelines.

Establishment of "Father less Society" are in progress in very faster rate and as I prediect , with in 3 years millions of father less child will be in India , is not going to be wrong , as our Indian laywer's are smart enough to abuse the LAW and they know they do not have any punishment , if the court find the same is false after wards and the alligation was fake.

With regards

Swarup Sarkar

Protection officers under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.
P.S. Predication Study by Save family Foundation( SFF, Delhi) predeict that in this year in Delhi alone more than 1.5 lacks Husabnds have to loose thier home or have to arrrange extra home for thier women, under New Domestic Violence Act ,2005 and all over India about 10 to 11 Lacks Husabnds will be the Victim of Biased Domestic Violence Act,2005 , as per present treand observed.
It is not that only a wife of a husabnd will misuse the same to earn the money , any women who can calim at any point of time had been lived or living with a men , can eligable to file the Domestic Violence Act,2005 to earn the money , including the Maid Servant of your House also can file a DV act against your Husabnd, Brother, father ..etc.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.



At 11:05 PM, Blogger SK said...

This is a civil law. Prevention of domestic violence act and rules 2006 has beeillegally notified about 6months before it was passed by the Lok Sabha. No criminal action can be taken. It is abuse of criminal process by the JMFC / MM if any action is taken on the illegal law that violates or over-rises other statutes. A criminal case be filed against the magistrate by his personal name and address for abusing his office and acting beyond the Constitution of India. And after getting his registration number with state bar council, the council be informed of his misconduct so that his registartion is cancelled that will means he no longer will remain as a magistrate which his profession being registered with the council.


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