Sunday, May 06, 2007

Karnataka Government make LAW to Create Women Job-Less.

Karnataka Government make LAW to Create Women Job-Less.

Women in the hotel industry, business centers, spas and all other jobs involving night shifts are up in arms over the Karnataka government's move to ban night shifts for women. It is highly illogical and discriminative, say professionals. Not just them, even the Karnataka State Women's Commission has termed the move as `retrograde.'

"In the next two months, women employees in these sectors will either have to convince their employer to change their timings or quit work. Labour minister Iqbal Ansari told `The Times of India' on wednesday that the ban includes women in jobs coming under the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act. Simply put, they will not work beyond 8 pm.

If Goverment feel there is any security or safety threat, it is the responsibility of the Government to provide the same and work on that line to provide the same by increasing their effort, but making Women Job less, will not a step to throw them in the hand of Pimps of our Society?

How our government will save them?

"The rules will come into force in the next two months, may be July 1, 2007. It will, however, exclude the IT-BT industries, hospitals, factories and industries."

Now the question why National Commission of Women do not oppose the move by Karnataka Government? One hand, they cry that women empowerment and Job opportunity is less in India and on the other hand why they want to make Job less women in India?

One hand they fight to save guard the Adulterous women of our Society( object to ammend the IPC 497LAW) and on the other hand, wonder why they keep silence, when Karnataka government make lacks women Job less.

The double standard of National Commissions of Women ensures the honest, hard working women, who believe to earn their bread and butter by their own hard work, instead of treating their Husbands as a Free ATM Machine and do the legal terrorism by misusing DV act, 498A, maintance Act125.Etc have to became Jobless. Wonder is this called women empowerment and gender equality?

If a man can work at night 2.00AM, why not a women?

It is the crime bure reports , in 2005 wittness more than 22.5 lacks crime was against Men only , then how it justified that men’s life are under save in Night shift and women’s life is not safe in Night shift?

This is another step to fool the common people and hide the government’s own failure to provide the basic safety to all Citizen of India , including women, Men and child and this is desperate attempt to hide their on failure by making such Anti-women LAW.
Will be wonder , how our all media women frineds will react to this Anti-women LAW and the Stand of National Comission of Women and CSR's Silence towards the same.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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