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Is Our Minister Ms. Renuka An Agent of “Condom” Producers By Literary India

Is Our Minister Ms. Renuka An Agent of “Condom” Producers By Literary India

Suddenly my mobile started ringing and the question asked by at least more than 70 peopleincluding some media Jurnalist : Does our Minister Ms. Renuka become mentally Seek?
- After her advice to Indian women through IBN7, buy condom and do not trust your Men/Husband and save from AIDS

We all witness our minister do not hesitate to announce the AK47 in the form of “Domestic Violence Act”, it is the turn to men to suffer and I say definitely she is not mentally seek, she is Agent of “Condom” producers and promoter for multiple sex partners in India.
It is another story that even a male –prostitutes also refuse to sleep with a women like her and her frustration and dissatisfied sexual life are increasing day by day and god also refused to give her a male child or she had killed all the male child in her womb itself, is another reguller debated story in Andhra . But it is not the story , the true fact that , She had previoulsy filed false Dowry case (498A) against her millioner NRI Son-in-LAW and extrote the money after sending his fater behind the bar, as soon as he land in Indian Air port, by her Special Power.
How much money she had extroted by this Legal Terrorism is kept top secret .

As a result we witness today at least 30 to 40 husabnds are out of from their own house every day in Delhi alone, by this threat of AK47 and the Legal Terrorism in top speed spreading all over the India. The Domestic dispute now became the Domestic Violence and the process of Creation of father less Society are incresing in rapid fire speed.

Now our Minister Ms. Renuka’s recent comment in IBN7 , to stop the AIDS , women should purchase the “Condom” and force their men/Husbands to use it and do not trust your men, is the basic necessity for Indian family women like Roti/Kapra/Makhan.

As I was associated with Rubber industry, would like to share some information. In India the Rubber prices(RSS4) are less by 15 to 20% compared to International price and the maximum Profit among the all rubber product is comes from “Condom”.

One gm Rubber Price: Rs.0.08 and one “Condom” price for good quality is in the range of Rs.4 to Rs5, that is 50 times.

Where as the other product like Tyres,Tubes, rubber thread and all other Rubber related product the same is hardly 2.5 to 3 times.

Hence the promotion of “Condom” sell by those so called multinationals and corporate Business Houses, want each and every house should use the condom for sex and as the sell of Condom will increase, a portion of the same will go to those ministers or Politicians, and my dear do not call Ms. Renuka as a mentally seek personality, she is the “heroin” of those “Condom” Producer’s Selling Agent or Marketing CEO.

So the recent comment of Ms. Renuka was not at all surprise as she want to help those multinationals, Corporate Houses and definitely she is not mentally seek, she had played her card very smartly and fooled the whole nation, which seems she had done several time and collected a Lot of Fund from all over the world to Promote the Legal terrorism and multiple Sex partner in India.
And be ready for her next Weapen to throw out the men form thier office , so called "Sexuall Harresement Bill" , instead of Our demand of a Gender equall "Office harresement Bill".

This wonder us, at what society our minister live? Is she live in a Brothel?
The main cause of AIDS is multiple Sex partner and to stop that the main focus will be to stick with a single partner Sex like Husband and wife.

But it seems the idea of single partner sex is not acceptable to our minister Ms. Ranuka.


She wants to say that our home is worse than a brothel?

To increase the multiple Sex partner the minister along with NCW (National Commission of women) , already said, adultrity will not a Crime for Wife , No punishment if a Women do the “Tandav” in Naked in public , Killing the Unborn Child is her birth right(abortion), doing Verbal abuse, abuse the child, beat up the child,do the economical abuse, , even killing of husband also is not a crime for wife , as in those cases the Husband have to go out of house as per Domestic Violence Act, as there is no provision , when a wife do the Domestic Violence,forget about any punishment, there is no provision of providing a small warning to them.

Inspite of her all effort, still more than 98% people believe in institution of marriage and prefers to stick with Single partner Sex, instead of multiple partner sex and keep a “Condom” with them in safe place only.

So, please do not think, Ms. Renuka is a mentally seek personality, she is a by born male-hater and intelligent Business women who knows from where her party can get the major junk of fund and as a result we witness her camping on behalf of “Condom” Producers of International Market, they way we need Food, Home, Cloth (Roti/Kapra/Makhan) , we need a pack of “Condom” also in Every House and enjoy the multiple Sex partners.

So, my dear husband put a budget in your monthly income or work hard to earn that extra money, as women will buy the “Condom” as per advice of Ms. Renuka, but the money you have to pay , as Indian women are “abal-nari”, as today it is necessary the way it necessary for Food, Home, Cloth of your wife/women, as our own home became worse than a “brothel” as per our Star Minister Ms. Renuka.

Because adultrity is not crime for them and now the promotion of multiple Sex partner are on the way by our Honorable minister Ms. Renuka.

Let wait and watch, which one will be a better place for our future child, a “Brothel” or a “Family Home”.

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Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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