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Men to talk at domestic violence table

Men to talk at domestic violence table
Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution… And we would consult them Renuka Chowdhury, Women and Child Development Minister

RENUKA CHOWDHURY has decided to consult men over domestic violence, which, she feels, will help get their side of the story and understand why it takes place.
The Women and Child Development minister took the decision after male rights organisations termed the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act as the worst law.

“Men cannot be treated like a problem. They have to be part of the solution. And, we would consult them on how they can be part of the solution,” Renuka said.

The ministry would interact with organisations early next year to bring men on board and resolve their issues. “We would consult them on all women’s issues and try to make them part of the measures to end domestic violence.”

She, however, claimed that no case of misuse of the law has been reported from any state. In all, 7,913 cases have been registered in a year since the law came into force with Rajasthan registering the highest at 3,440.

Male rights groups like Save the Family Foundation had launched a campaign against the law citing examples of West Bengal and Orissa, where such cases have been reported.

The minister also said they are considering inclusion of children in the purview of the law after a recommendation by Lawyer’s Collective.

“Children who face direct impact of domestic violence should be protected under this civil law,” said Indira Jaisingh of Lawyer’s Collective. Law for surrogate business The minister said the Centre was preparing a law to regulate the business of surrogate mothers. India, in the absence of regulation, has witnessed a boom in the business of renting the womb with large number of NRIs and foreigners coming here.

She said most developed nations have a law for sperm donation and renting a womb but in India, no one knows who all are in this business. “We are studying laws of different countries to prepare a regulation for the Indian market. Our aim is to ensure that women are not cheated.” This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


We will stick with our one point , agenda, first make the “Ministry of men well fare”, till the time the same does not happend , our movement will be more and more strong and we will expose thier dirty game plan and promotion of legal terrorism to the whole world thorugh our website, blogs ,media and try our best to stop creating the father less child society In India, let all be prepared for 19th Novemeber , International men’s day.

All the Domestic Violence case fied are false , fabricated and only for extortion of money only. There is no provision or forum formed, where a Man can report for his harresement and faced the Domestic Violence in the hand of his wife's family , the minsiter trying to fool the people once again.

We have ampel cases where the DV act filed , after 498A, after divorce, women staying as tenented ( so called live-in) , not only from India, a lot of cases the women staying outside India and husband staying in India and those women filed the Domestic Violence form USA/Dubai through Courier/post, the husband and wife are staying seperately more than 2 years , still the domestic violence act filed , is this not misuse, then what is called misuse, can the minstry explin to all the public?

And surprisengly , the Judges ordered that the Husabnds can't go to open media to say the truth as per the protection order, is this not dadagri ?

Why they afried and give such order that the Husband should not go to media to say the truth?

Now if our Minsiter is blind or it is her desprate attemepet to save her skin?

Let all start taking the print of :

INVITATION- International Men’s Day : 19th November .

Make the awareness in your office, in your society, paste to all the wall , let the men's bonding generate and stop this legal terrorism.

In our society such "male hater" and "ill intentened mind" ministers do not have any place, whose only Job to treat the Indian man as "Whole sale free ATM Machine" and creating Huge Father Less child in India.

Even an Animal has a Ministry and Welfare Division. Why not Men?
An appeal to Indian Government to Form Ministry of Men’s Well Fare.

As per Crime Bureau of India more then 72000 men commit suicide every year.


And to remind Renuka Chowdhury, Women and Child Development Minister, it was allready submitted to you after the First Draft of the Domestic Violence Act and Proposed Domestic harmoney Act :
Replace the word MEN/Women to SPOUCE in DVA.
Punishment if Any of these laws found to be Misused,equal to the crime commited
No arrest on one word of FIR,there should be enough proof, evidence and enquiries.
No Arrest of Old parents,unless there real threat of Life.
No arrest, those who not staying where crime said to be commited.
It should be Bailable and compoundable.
No arrest of Children under age of 18.
3 Years jail for False FIR.
50/50 in Child custody or join custody.
No Alimony if women left her own.
Women has to pay husband if she caught in Extra marital Affair.
Divorce in 6 months,even wife/husband refuse to come to court as per Divorce LAW.


Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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