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National Commission of Women or National Commission of Adulterous women?

National Commission of Women or National Commission of Adulterous women?

One hand LAW Commission of India recommended making the Adultrity a Crime for Both the Partner Men and women under IPC497, as presently there is no punishment for a adulterous women, but our National Commission of Women objected the same and proposed to make it civil law and government are silent on that area.

Now recently in News of Mail Today, NCW suggests alimony for live-in partners, writtnen By Sunaina Anand in New Delhi and NCW also suggest that the clause of " living-in-adultrity" to be removed from the CRPC 125 maintenance case, means a women can live in adultrity and claim the 33% of maintenance from the multiple husbands.

Already as per law even when a women caught red handed in adultrity case, there is no punishment to her, inspite of husband proved the same in court, maximum the judge can refused her claim of maintance, but no punishment, as it is not crime for a wife.

But, here also a Judge can’t do the same as , she just say, ok, “I was in adutrity relationship, but presently I have not living in adultrity.’

The law had been already amended the word “Lived in adultrity to living in adultrity”, so how the claim of NCW is justified only god knows or it is their desperate attempt to give a whole sale free license to Indian women to do the adultrity and use the Husband as a Free ATM machine?

CRPC125 is a criminal case and it clearly mentioned, any women who can’t maintain herself to live a life can claim maintenance (no limit) from husband.

From the court record it is evident, maximum women who are well educated, working and healthy to earn themselves rush to the court and want money form the husband, but do not forget to file another criminal case (like 498A DV act), mentioning that their husband ill-treat them for money, but they themselves openly demanding money as a legal extortion and that is not a crime in India. Further to note, if a women earn the money and husband due to some any reason not able to earn the money, even if he is ill or any other condition, he is not eligible for any maintenance form the working women, irrespective he had earned lacks of rupees and given to his wife.

So the question arises: Is Indian Husband is a Free ATM Machine for Indian wives?

It is here to mentioned that, presently a women can claim maintenance form three different Law, like section24, Crpc125 and Domestic Violence act. This totally abuse of Indian Judiciary System, as for the same purpose, three different case filed and this not only wastage of Judiciary man Power, it is violation of Indian constitution, as it clearly mentioned, for the same offence a person can’t be punished more than once. Then why 3 different maintenance cases against a Husband, if at all considered the Husband done any offence?

Further on failure of non-payment of maintenance, not only warrant, it is a crime and the husband gone to jail , lost his property under execution of the same , and unable to understand why NCW justified the same with new demand.

Ohhh.. Now we understand, as we witness in a lot of cases the so called women filed false and fabricated income of the husbands, reason to live the house (where the husband have the RCR degree) and get the huge maintenance, like Husband’s IT return shows he earn 10K, but maintenance awarded 12.5 K, or wife was working but in front of court she says, “I am not working: etc and the husband gone to higher court with her IT return, PPF account details, Bank account details, her adultrity relationship details and the higher court put stay in maintance case, the same should not be allowed and court should not obey the higher court’s order and send the husband warrant and send them behind the bar.. very interesting.

In this country if a husband go to higher court, if he feel the order of lower court is against his basic right, they will be termed as criminal and a New case under DV act will be filed, as it is a economical abuse to a women ..Right?

Also the live-in-relationship, is not a legalized in India, but NCW want the legal rights to be given as same as marriage, but there is noting mentioned, what do we mean by a living-in-relationship, it can be one hour, it can be one day, it can be one months or it can be 100 years also. No dought , a lot of countries had legalized the live-in-relationship , but there is a clearly mentioned , minimum how many years both the partner have to live together , before claim any legal rights and the legal rights are same for both the partner, but NCW want , in live-in-relationship, a man should not get any legal rights( presently it is a crime for a man) , but women should get all the legal rights .

Recognized the “live in relationship” without any prescribed time frame, is nothing but promotion of Animal society, which might have forgotten by our so-called National Commission of Women’s.

So, save family foundation, strongly oppose such “dadagri of NCW” and request our Lawmaker to act immediately amend the CRPC 125 as under:

The word men/women to be replaced by the word Person and husband/wife to be replaced by the word Spouse.
A well-educated person should earn their live hood by their hard work instead of treating others as a Free ATM machine.
The word “living-in-adultiry” to be replaced by the word “living or lived in adultrity” during the relationship of both the partner, should not be entitled for any maintenance from each other, as it is a criminal breach of trust and cheating.
If any one filed the maintenance under crpc 125, the person should not be entitled to file or claim any other maintenance case under section24 or DV act.

Let wait and see , how our LAW makers react to “NCW’s dadagari” and able to provide and maintain a civilized society of India or create a lot of Father less Child in India also , by promotion of adutrity and undefined live-in-relationship( only a photo of two partner is sufficient to define the live-in-relationship).

So, Save family foundation and all their sibling associations urge to the LAW maker to ake the LAW without any Gender bias and without any assumption that all the women born in Raja Harish Chandra family (never lie) and all the men born in Criminal family.

And we feel such type of absurd suggestion is a insult to those honest women , who do not do the adultrity and believe in institution of marriage and let them to decide in this country the meaning of NCW is “National Commission of Women or National Commission of Adulterous of Women !!”

And for Indian men, forget about you do adultrity or not it does not matter , irrespective the allegation is true or false , not only you , your mother, sister, age old father will be thrown out of your own house under DV act , just one line complain : Just she have to say , “I am anticipate of Domestic Violence” form my partner , let it be a friend , husband or any one and you are out of your own house and land up in Railway Platform.

This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India.

For a wife even adultrity also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of “Name-calling” is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.

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