Sunday, November 04, 2007

Zindgi Live:IBN7:Guilty until proven innocent

Zindgi Live:IBN7:Guilty until proven innocent

National Comission of Women or National Comission of Wives?

Are our LAW maker have any Huminty?

Hatts of to IBN7 Team for thier small effort to Highlight the Pain of Indian Husbnad's Family.

"They get punished and their families get punished. They get punished for a crime before it’s proved. They lose their jobs, their children and their piece of mind. That’s Zindagi Live this week on IBN."

Must See Zindgi Live:IBN7:Guilty until proven innocent.

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At 6:17 PM, Blogger Umesh said...


Waking up today morning and sipping a cup of tea, i noticed a low font headline in the first column of Times of India. The SC instructions to LISTEN TO ONE's WIFE was sufficient enough to spill the tea. Unable to control my curiosity ,I jumped to page 18 for the complete news article. And there you see, 2 Learned (so called) Judges taking pride in themselves being called Bhuktbhogis who (out of their life long experience) advised a Lt. Colonel to accede to all the demands of his wife. The judges Markanday Katju and Deepak Verma trying to inject the testosterone damaging virus in the married male population of the country advised them in firm words """You should always agree with her. When you agree to what she says ,you will always remain happy""".
Every word from The HON'BLE Supreme Court counts and somehow becomes a law. Now what does this new law leads us to :
EXAMPLE 1: If she calls you a Dog. Go searching for a rope ----> put some fevicol on it----->stick it to your back ----> Start wagging (YOU WILL FEEL HAPPY BEING A DOG - at least judge sahib thinks so)

many more examples may strike your mind --isnt it?

Dear Judge sahib further added"""If she tells you to look this way do that. Next moment if she tells to look the other way , do that again""".
So, sir and Madam out for dinner and MADAM orders a family size Pizza, 3 different pastas and a few differnt flavours of soup , sir MUST allow that & if immediately after the order is served she wants to change the menu to Shahi Paneer , Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Naanz , sir should never ever think of advising (JUST AGREE TO HER - being the new law for husbands in INDEPENDENT INDIA) and let madam enjoy her dinner the way she likes.

But what if Madam orders Sir, to finish all the Leftovers on the table after she is done ....(OOps - The new advise of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India says "JUST FINISH IT -YOU IDIOT HUSBAND")

19th Century - Slaves to the Britishers
20th Century - Slaves to our own Bureaucracy
21st Century - BE A SLAVE TO YOUR WIFE (How can the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India DEVOID us of our RIGHT TO SLAVERY??????)


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