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If you do not take care of parents, you get jailed.

If you do not take care of parents, you get jailed.


If you take care of parents, then you get 498a, domestic Violence Act , what indian Man will do?.

If you dump old parents, you may land in jail

Another loopsided LAW to send the Indian man behind the bar and treat them as Free ATM Machine.

As per WHO( World Health Orginasations) , the main reson of Elder abuse in India is non-caring Nature of Daughter-in-law and abuse of anti-dowry LAW by Dauther-in-law.

But here the law is totally silent , if a Dughter-in-law, abuse the husabnd's parents , what is the punishment?

There is no provision to stop the Legal Terrorism agsint the age old Parents , which Save family Foundation requested several time. LAW maker totally misguided the pople , as they gone for Break down repaire instead of Preventive action.

First they should have stop the legal terrorism against the age old parents, which they have failed miserable.

Second think, this can be a civil law , if it is a for sending the man behind the bar , then it is the abuse of criminla justice system.

Any way , as we wittness , our LAW maker make the DV act earlier with the expectaion that the Laywers comunity will get major share in such cases , this is another eye wash by our LAW maker and once again descrimination against man and term them criminla , even before the same proved and abuse of Indian Criminla Justice System.

In this country , as women you can do any crime and no punishment and for your wife's crime you will be behind the bar .

so , remberm this also :Indian Man are Free ATM Machine .

If you take care of parents, then you get 498a, Domestic Violence Act.

P.S.The way our so called women activist know after one sided Domestic Violence act, Indian Men will stop marry and they have killed the Instituion of marrige in india also and indian men in future will prefer the live-in-relationship, so in advance they added the live-in-relationship in Domestic Violence act and desprately working to incude the live-in-relationship in CRPC125 maintance act.

Same way one category of children we are forgetting here those who will live fatherless life when reaches gets elder and know about their mother's business of false complaint against their own father under 498A, DV act ( result they became father less and face 15times more abuse in terms of physical, mental, sexual, economical) and would understand mistakes of their mothers and miserable situation of their father are definitely not going to support ther mothers in their old age is it the preparation to harass our children in future ?



If you dump old parents, you may land in jail

New Delhi, Dec 06: Children who abandon parents in their twilight years, beware. They may face three months' imprisonment and cannot even appeal against the punishment.

A bill passed by Parliament today will ensure that elderly people are taken care of by their children failing which they would face penal action.

"The bill provides for three months' jail term if children do not look after old parents. The penal provision is meant to act as a deterrent," Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Meira Kumar told Rajya Sabha.

Kumar said children cannot go in for appeal. "This has been done deliberately as they have a lot of resources which the old people do not have," she said.

Later, the Rajya Sabha passed the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007 by a voice vote.

The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says though the parents can claim maintenance under the CrPC, the procedure is both "time-consuming as well as expensive", and there was need to have simple, inexpensive and speedy provisions for care of parents.

The bill has a clause for punishment to those who abandon their parents or relatives whose property they have inherited or would get as their legal heirs.

The bill, already passed by Lok Sabha, provides for setting up of a tribunal in each district for helping the old in distress.

It also has a provision for establishment of old age homes which, the minister said, should be the last resort for the poor and the childless.

The bill says "due to withering of the joint family system, a large number of elderly are not being looked after by their family.

"Consequently, many older persons, particularly widowed women, are now forced to spend their twilight years all alone and are exposed to emotional neglect and lack of physical and financial support.

"This clearly reveals that old age has become a major social challenge and there is need to give more attention to care and protection of older persons."

Participating in the debate, Gyan Prakash Pilania (BJP) said bringing in of such a legislation was a "clear reflection on deteriorating state of Indian society".

B S Gnanadesikan (Cong) lauded the government for including a clause in the bill for speedy redressal of grievances.

"Waiting in collectorates for hours and days could be a painful experience for elders," he said.

Eknath Thakur(Shiv Sena) said the erosion of family values had been due to the faulty education system which unfortunately nourishes the head and not hearts and hands.

Nand Kishore Yadav (SP) suggested that the old-age homes provided in the bill be constructed near primary schools to enable elders to have company of the children.

BJP member breaks down in house

A BJP member in the Rajya Sabha today became emotional and broke down during a debate on a bill providing for maintenance and welfare of elders.

With tears welling into his eyes, Gyan Prakash Pilania narrated the sorry state of affairs with regard to elders in the society.

"It is an embarrassing state that in a country like ours, a elder will now have to resort to legal recourse for living," he said in a choked voice.

Seated in a wheel chair, the member was speaking on the maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens bill, 2007.

He invoked verses from epics to recall how elders had commanded respect in ancient Indian society.


Comment By :Raval Darshan

When we study our basic education we deram of getting high status high profile jobs to earn enough to take care of our family (definition of family includes Parents, Silbings , wife , children and ourselves) order or relationship differ from one person to other but relations are always same. I think when wife enters our house she comes with her own set of relation includes her parents and slibings which also we can accomodate to certain extent to the maximum possible but only if they ask for help gracefully we also want to treat wife's parents and silbings as our own but do they provide same respect to ours? No they will never accept our family member as their own and
always look out to poison us with false allegations and try their best to see we live seperate from our own relatives and take care of wife and her relatives very well. This type of one sided thinking and greediness gives rise to false 498a and DV cases where issues are really small and could have been solved with simple councilling and patches.

Why parents can't use crpc 125 for their maintenance from son ?

Please get polls from all over India which parents wants their children to go to Jail ?

I am father of one daughter 2 1/2 years old I would never like her to see even a police station for false reasons or family matter.

I also got my parent's opinion on this issue they replied.. We would not take any action against you even if this would be the case i.e. I am capable of taking care of my parents still not providing them best they would forgive me but never desire to see me behind bars only wife and her relatives can think of this kind of punishment to husband and his relatives.

Is not any provision made to punish:

1. Wife for not treating husband's relatives like her own?

2. Parents of wife / guardians of wife for not giving good advice to live in joint family ?

I beleive unless punishments are defined for fraud /false cases this is not going to stop.

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