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Indira Jaising- Now want to save gurd the Terrorist like Afzal.

Indira Jaising- Now want to save gurd the Terrorist like Afzal.,00300006.htm
1. She says : In an otherwise verbose Constitution, one of the simplest — yet the one of the most important provisions — is the one relating to the Right to Life: Article 21. "No person shall be deprived of life or liberty, except by procedure established by law." For anyone alive, this is the most important guarantee there is in the Constitution.
2.Her aim : A well-funded Legal Services Authority should pay its legal aid lawyers better to attract talent to legal aid. There are many young lawyers committed to providing legal services to the poor, who need to be backed by a proper legal aid system. ( Well funded and calim to be work for poor free.. good joke)
3. She says:That was done by Afzal — to no avail. Now, only the President of India can have the last word. We can only give opinions that there has been a gross miscarriage of justice.
So , now Indra Jai singh want to save gurd the hard core Terrorist( who had accepted himself in front of media, in front of Court his crime) and our great so called Bharat Ratna awarded Women activist talking about the article 21?
Where was she , when law like 498A even put the child( more than 363) , age old mothers/married and unmarried sisters ( more than 28,000) behind the bar ? Why she always say .. 498A should not be made bailable and the investigation can't be competed without sending them behind the bar , let it be for one hour or 1 year, that also without any evidence, only thin reuired a verbal statement by a so called wives, or her realtive, even a so called live-in-partner ?
Where is she when she herself drafted a clasmy law( as desribed by supreme court) like DV act wihtout any humunity and dilute the fact that still in india , it is the husbad's family providing the residence to a women at least more than 99% cases, but she advocate and denied a husabnd's basic right to stay in his own home , forget about to stay in other's home...even a Terrorist have right to stay in his own home, but not a husband? Why.. will Indra jai singh reply?
If so , does she have any morality, when she make the law like DV act and ever think about the article 21 and indian consitituion ?
A person who had earned the home by his/her hard work to be handed over to the other party , that also without any evidence , just by a verbal alligation by some so called women in the name of wife or live-in-realtionship partner?
Where those Husbands/Men people will go?
One hand in this country our so called Laywer's collectives desprate to savegurd the Terrorist's life, who had killed millions of innocent, on the other hand they want to do the legal terrorism through DV act , 498A ,there is no protection to Indian Husabnds, resulting every year more than 52000 are ending their life every year , even as per WCD ministry , more than 9 millions widow are belwo 24 years of age, but she does not brother to save gurd the life of a Men or Husbands in this coutry. She never advocate to from a "Men well Fare" ministry . Does the same do not come under article 21 and as per our Indian Constituion? Does killing the men/indian husbands and creating more and more widow called "Socail Service " in this country?
Even a child also put behind the bar without any investigation( under 498A) forget about others1,54,000 people( and hardly less than 5000 people found guilty after trial, but they had been put behind the bar, in the name of investigation , as the LAW 498A is non-bailable), inspite it was a cealr record that those people does not have any previous crime reoprt in their name, except that they have married to some so called 21st cnetury women , who think that abuse the husbands family and treat the husabnds family as a Free ATM machine, is thier by brith right and that is not crime as per Indian LAW.
This is Indra Jai Singh, her only intentation, how to earn more and more money and make more and more law and free goverment fund for Laywers community, so that she and her associates can earn more and more money, let in every home became a legal battel field, it does not concern her morality, let millions of Child became father less, that does not stop her humanity , let the perosn denied the basic right to live by his own hard work and article 21and indian constituion will never come in picture.
In this country even a terrorist have the right to stay in his/her own home, but not to the husabnds or his mother/sister, that is Ms. Indra Jai singh .
We can only give opinions that there has been a gross miscarriage of basic rights to Indian Husabnds, his mother/sisters and the same done by non other than Ms. Indra Jai Singh by misusing her Bharat Ratna Award and all Indian just keep silence as she had good conncetion with politicians and she is capable to change the LAW it self this Country by her infulence as per her own wish , if even Supreme Court give some Judgement against her wish.
Let Supreme court of India give any Judgement which may not please her , but she will go for Change the LAWitself to suit her money earning business at a cost of legal battel in every home and creation of millions father less child in our courty, that Is Ms. Indra Jai Singh , Bharat Ratna Award provided to her once upon a time.

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