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SFF Patron members take the lead of Widow Re-marriage in India.

SFF Patron members take the lead of Widow Re-marriage in India.

Union Minister for Women and Child Development (WCD) Renuka Chowdhury has an ambitious plan: to get the young widows of India remarried.

According to the figures available with her Ministry, there are 33 million widows in the country. As per the 1991 census, widows account for 9 per cent of the female population and only 40 per cent of them are over 50 years of age.

But what Ms. Renuka forget to mentioned that more than 33 millions Indian Husbands end their life and in last 60 years we witness that in this country no one brother for any well fare of Indian men, there is no ministry for men well fare.

On the other hand every year more than 58000 living so called educated women, making the life of Indian Husbands hell by misuse the law like 498A, Anti-dowry law, Domestic Violence Act and do not forget to treat their Husbands family as Free ATM Machine and doing the legal terrorism openly to extort the money and our government still silent to take any corrective action on that line, inspite of Supreme Court advised.

At the same time more than 52000 married man ending their life due to various type of harassment and domestic violence faced form their beloved so called wives , like verbal abuse, economical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, relationship cheating . Unfortunately in this country the LAW does not consider the same as crime and as a result those women who are responsible for death of their husbands are moving freely in our society including the famous actor Ms. Rekha.

It was those man like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Iswar Chandra worked hard to provide a better life to the Widow women for remarriage, but unfortunately, from the data provided by Women and Child Development (WCD), their dream kept in dream only, inspite of well established Ministry, more than 1200 cores government fund and 4 times more fund from different Corporate/Individuals to more than 1200 women related NGO.

We do not know how many women organizations supported by WCD ministry itself, had taken the promotion of "Widow Marriage" seriously and act in that direction, but Save Family Foundation (who do not take any fund from government), already running their campaign since last 3 years, marry a real widow, whose Husband died unfortunately and say excuse us to 498A girls or a women whose husband have to suicide for harassment.

Recently a Patron members of Save Family Foundation , Delhi, 38 years old bright IT engineer, who had fighted his false/fabricated 498A for as long as 6 years and at last he proved his innocence and the Judge disposed the case with the Divorce degree, recently taken the lead and tie the knot with 34 years widow, inspite of having a long queue for more than 16 proposal from 498A girls family, but he politely say:

* "498A Girls family excuses us."

On the other hand his ex-498A wife also got a man in her life of age 46 and on the marriage day the god given a gift to her relative who are suppose to travel along with her, meet a car accident, result one dead on the spot and 3 injured.

It seems this lead by Save Family Foundation members to marry a widow instead of 498A girls does not digestable to our WCD ministers , as she herself is desperate to find a match for her own 498A Girls.

But we all are proud of our this Honorable Patron member of SFF, Delhi and hope more and more SFF volunteers will follow the same in near future, irrespective our Madam of Union Minister for Women and Child Development (WCD) Ms. Renuka Chowdhury like it or hate it:-

* "498A Girls family and Husband Killers excuses us."
* Let tie the knot to a real Widow women of India.


Swarup Sarkar

Coordinator of Save Family Foundation.

Divorcees and 498A Girls EXcuse Us.

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