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False dowry Case: Man Kills Self : Indian Express News

False dowry Case: Man Kills Self : Indian Express News
Legal Terrorism of India take away one more Husband's Life.
When our Law maker will wake up? or they are wating for the day when people have to Burn the buses/Block the roads/Make the Strike in all the Jobs and instead of killing themself will start kill the Legal Terrorist?
Lucknow, February 6 A 30-year-old man, Pushkar Singh, committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan at his home in Jankipuram area of Vikas Nagar, on Wednesday.

In a suicide note, addressed to the Allahabad High Court, Singh alleges that he was framed in a dowry case by his wife Vinita and her relatives, due to which he had to spend time in judicial custody for four months.

The Vikas Nagar police registered a case later in the day.

"During the investigation, if we find it necessary to question Vinita, we will definitely record her statement," said BP Singh, Station Officer, Vikas Nagar.

Pleading innocence and holding his wife responsible for the extreme step he was taking, Singh's note states: "I was sent to jail after a false dowry case was lodged against me by Vinita and her family, who had demanded Rs 14 lakh as a compensation. Neither my father nor I had seen such a big amount in our lives. We even sold our house to contest the case."

According to reports, Singh married Vinita about two years ago and lived in Allahabad since.

Early last year, his wife left him and started living with her family.

A case under Sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 498 (A) (cruelty by husband or relatives of husband) and 504 (intentional insult) was lodged by Vinita and her relatives before she left him.

In the note, Singh wrote he was in the Naini Central Jail from "September 29 to December 24, 2007".

Shishupal Singh, Singh's brother-in-law, said he was disturbed ever since he released from jail. The court case constantly haunted him.

"After he was bailed out, he was living with his mother, younger sister and a physically-challenged brother in a rented house in Jankipuram." The family had their own house in Indira Nagar, which was recently sold to meet the legal expenses, he added.

"While he searched for a job, he drove a three-wheeler for a living. A few days ago, he received a notice from the court and since then, he stopped stepping out of the house," he said.

In the note, Singh further wrote: "I would also like to request Vinita not to harass my family in future. It was my mistake to marry her and I am repenting it by sacrificing my life."

Every 4 minutes in India an innocent person (who never demanded any dowry or money from the wife/daughter-in-law) including old mothers/pregnant sisters/children are facing false and fabricated Dowry cases and sent behind bars without any evidence (since no evidence is required and 498A is non-bailable).
Despite the Law commission and various judges' recommendations to make 498A a bailable offence, our lawmakers have not made any effort to save the innocent people who are being victimized by the abusive women and their families.
We must stop this legal terrorism (as termed by the Supreme Court of India) by our radical women organizations that openly advocates and legitimizes adultery by the wife and killing of the unborn child (against the husband's wishes).

Please sign and Support to Stop this Legal Terrorism.

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Stop Legal Terrorism! Save the Indian Husbands!!

Press Release

Beginning year 2000, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) has been incessantly working to spread awareness regarding the growing misuse of draconian anti-dowry laws like IPC Section 498A against Indian Husbands and their families. SIFF has been constantly urging the Government to make amendments to the laws to ensure that misusers of the provisions are punished and innocent citizens are protected from legal terrorism. SIFF has been campaigning to end denigration of men, devaluation of their lives and violation of their basic human rights.

The Government, however, has not taken any steps to address the above mentioned problems, forcing thousands of men to end their lives. According to the National Crime Bureau, the number of suicides by males in every age group studied outweighs the number of suicides by females, in the recent years. In the year 2005 alone, nearly twice as many married men (52,483), compared to married women (28,186), committed suicide, unable to withstand verbal, emotional, economic and physical abuse and legal harassment.

While every death of a young married woman is converted into a case of dowry death leading to immediate arrest of the husband and in-laws, accompanied by media-hype, male-bashing and breast-beating, large-scale suicides of men do not cause any outrage in the society. Media finds no incentive in highlighting the truth about abused men. People in power find no financial or political mileage to be gained from helping battered men.

The recent demise of Pushkar Singh is one of the countable few cases that has at least caught some media attention. Sadly, even though his suicide note bears evidence to the fact that he was financially and emotionally destroyed because of false criminal cases filed against him and his family by his wife, she has not even been called in for questioning by the police. One can only imagine the fate of cases where men take their lives silently, leaving no note behind. Deaths of these men make for the brief stories we often read in newspapers stating that a certain man "killed himself due to family issues or financial problems".

Pushkar Singh represents thousands of men, whose lives have literally been destroyed in the name protective provisions for women and due to lack of equivalent protection for harassed men. While our elected representatives are busy introducing and pushing more anti-male, anti-family provisions in the Lok Sabha, SIFF pays tribute to Pushkar Singh by organizing a "Shok Sabha" on (Date).

On this sad occasion, SIFF vows to not let the sacrifices and pain of men like Pushkar Singh go in vain. SIFF calls upon all men and women to protest against this saga of human rights abuses against men. SIFF demands that all protective provisions be made gender neutral and all punishments and penalties crime-based irrespective of gender. SIFF demands that misusers of women-protection laws be severely punished. SIFF also demands a Ministry of Men's Welfare to address present day challenges faced by men and to prevent more men in despair from following the footsteps of Pushkar Singh.
Husbands can't take it any more : by Kajari Bhattacharya

Husbands can't take it any more

Kajari Bhattacharya
KOLKATA, Feb. 10: Married men can't take it anymore. Rising prices, mounting responsibilities and their wives implicating them in dowry cases is driving men to suicide. The latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB 2006), shows that the ratio of married men to married women who committed suicide in 2006 is 5:3. The 2006 report also states that the national ratio of men to women committing suicide is 64:36.

The NCRB report further states that a high pendency was observed in Dowry Prohibition Act (43.6% each) in 2006. A total of 7.8 per cent cases of Cruelty by Husband or Relatives were found false or related to mistake of law.

A 30-year-old man, Pushkar Singh, committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan at his home in Jankipuram area of Vikas Nagar in Lucknow. In his suicide note, he wrote: "I was sent to jail after a false dowry case was lodged against me by my wife Vinita and her family, who demanded Rs 14 lakh as compensation. Neither my father nor I had seen such a big amount in our lives. We even sold our house to contest the case."

Singh is just one of the several thousand men who committed suicide after being implicated falsely in dowry cases by their wives and in-laws. Save Indian Family Foundation, a countrywide network of support groups for such men and their families, has been fighting for men's rights to be included in the national legal framework for a long time.

"We come across such cases of men who turn suicidal after their wife and in-laws try to extort money from them after filing a false case under IPC 498A, frequently. We do our best to help such people through counselling. But it's the Indian legal framework, which considers the rights of wives, but not that of men, their mothers and sisters, that is at fault," said Mr Srinivas Rao, treasurer, SIFF. He cited a case in which a man from Kalyani attempted suicide after he and his family were falsely implicated under 498A. "Ultimately, we arranged for a settlement between the two parties, in which the man had to pay Rs 1.5 lakh to his wife and in-laws," Mr Rao said.

SIFF says the high ratio of male to female suicides is largely due to domestic cruelty against men. The NCRB report 2006 says that more men in the age group of 30 and 44 years committed suicide than those in other age groups. It was observed that 72.2 per cent of the suicide victims were married while 20.7 per cent were unmarried. The number of married men who committed suicide was 55,452 and number of married women who committed suicide was 29,869 in 2006.

False cases registered under IPC 498A, which is non-bailable, make it difficult for complainants who have genuine cases to get justice. The same NCRB report also states that the proportion of female suicides is more under dowry disputes.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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