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How to come out from the Finciancial Losses due to 498A/DV/CRPC 125?

How to come out from the Finciancial Losses due to 498A/DV/CRPC 125?

Whenever we face any Husband who are abused and victim of Legal Terrorism by their greedy/money minded wife's family ( more than 98% Husband faced Domestic Violence at least once in 3 years more than once either verbal abuse, mental abuse, economical abuse or sexual abuse form their wife or wife's relative, result after marriage as per Crime Bure report more than 56000 husband end their life , where as married women end their life only 29000), their first concern was they are going face heavy finciancial losses in this battle and prefer to surrender in the hand of Legal terrorist, let the guy earn per month 2000/- rupees or 2, 00,000/-rupees. Some of them fear that their wife will kill them to take away their property/money also.

In this regards 3 years back I discussed the model with a lot of people in the group meeting, but no one taken the same seriously including the most active volunteer of SFF, Delhi. But today he accepts what I told them was 100% true and they paid the price for not following the same.

First think we have to accept as soon as you got a 498A type wife, they are not going to spare you and will definitely try their best possible way to harrese you by more and more cases, putting extra burden on you in terms of finciancialy.

The basic principal to come out such situation is to prepare your self to die as a Debit man rather than a Credit man.

Step No.1: Review your all resources (Job/property/fixed assets/Bonds/NSC) and get as maximum as you can get the bank loan or company loan.

Step No.2: 20% of the Loan amount Put in some pension plan or in PPF account.

Step No.3: 70% of the Loan amount put in good equity mutual Funds (less than 50K in each fund), do not put in shares.

Step No.4. 10% keep in your bank to repay the loan.

As soon as the 10% going to finish, sell 10% mutual fund and be ready to repay the loan. The same should be continuing at least for 4 to 5 years.

Example : 4 years back my self taken 3 lacks personnel loan and with the same principal , after meeting all my legal as well as maintenance to wife , today after repay the all the loan, I am with a balance of 1.6 Lacks . Means, I fighted the battle with the bank loan and not spend a single penny form my own earning and able to afford to leave the job for Six months and able to dismiss her section 24 cases with a one time litigation charge of Rs.5000/- , no monthly maintenance.

My IT return shows my Income in the range of 10 to 12K and loan repayment of 5 to 6K every month.

Step No. 5: Immediately book a rented home in the range of rupees 2000 to 3000 rupees depending on your location, it should be in the range of Low income group capability (which normally in Delhi say LIG/Janta Flat )

Step No.6. Shift all your correspondence address for legal as well as Bank account, IT return, Driving license in the same address.

Step No.7. Maintain a mobile phone and keep the bill in the range of 300 to 400 rupees per month.

Along with a lawyer, do not forget to keep a Finciancial Consultant or CA to make your legal financial documents and IT returns.

Let the Legal Fight continue for rest of the 20 Years; let her go for each and every case up to supreme court. Please remember, initially her lawyer may be ready to fight the case without fees, but not too long. Do not forget that she has to look for some earning or Job and you have to behind that to get the details. She can't maintain herself without money and sit ideal in home for long. The day you she start work, your maintenance case's value reduced drastically.

If your wife earn more than 25000/- and still claim maintenance, just appeal to court that "sir, there are so many wife not getting maintenance of rupees 2000 rupees or 3000 rupees, let deduct 30% of her income and my income and help those women and their husbands, court staff's well fare for a better life."

Step No.8: Look for a Job where you can have a own personnel life instead of a Job where every day you have to get tension for 24 hours office tension.

Step No.9: Never work on Saturday and Sunday, keep those two days exclusive for those are facing the same type of problem like you. If you can't do any thing, just meet them or give some moral support. Learn to take some social responsibility.

Step No.10: Learn to die as a Debit man instead of a Credit man. Today this Legal Terrorism going on in India , as our radical women organizations taken the undue advantages and fooled the whole nation , as Indian Man always prefers to Die as a Credit Man than a debit Man.

For example : Have a look to all the Insurance Company's advertisement , except HDFC Bank, all the banks project the Man have to save the money for their women and child , even after death. They are just a Free ATM machine even after death.

So choice is with you, you want to be a Free ATM machine and promote the legal terrorism or want live a dignified live when you are alive. Let us all remember after your death you are not going to take with you your money/property with you.

Caution to radical Women organizations and LAW Makers:

Stop the Legal Terrorism by promoting Gender Biased LAW and Stop treating the Indian husbands as Free ATM Machine. First give your daughter/sister equal rights in your own home and make her established to take care herself, instead of treating the Husbands family as a Free ATM Machine.

P.S. This is a small step to reduce the Husbands suicide rate , as our own Goverment still not brother for the same, as they fell killing the Husband is called Socail service in this country and no men well fare ministry made till date. So we have to take care ourself and give our supporting hand to our fellow brothers , so that they should not end thier life after marrige, like Pushkar Singh.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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