Saturday, February 16, 2008

Invites you to a Book Release Function at the Press club of India (Delhi)

Invites you to a Book Release Function at the Press club of India (Delhi) on Saturday 16th February 2008 (3:00 to 5:30 PM)

Free copies of the book will be provided to the Press and Media.
NB. Some Victims also will be present to tell their stories.
"Wrong Gender biased Laws"

(NEW DELHI) The Gender Human Rights Society is publishing this extraordinary book first time in India History, to expose the "Wrong Gender biased Laws" to Promote the Legal Terrorism in India and create huge father less Child Society by our LAW Makers, which is a compilation of various press releases, detailed booklet(s) about the proposed Sexual harassment in the Workplace law of 2007, Domestic violence law, Dowry law/ IPC 498a survival guide, men's human rights demands, etc.

This book is expected to provide some much needed relief and awareness to the victim of Legal Terrorism, to forces fighting against radical groups and to those fighting against the unscrupulous wives and their parents who misuse the gender biased laws. It also attempts to explain why the current gender biased laws as well as the new ones proposed by the radical Groups are a recipe for social disaster. Whether they achieve their goal will be hotly contested by the readers. But one thing is sure: Their endeavor is long overdue.

Date and Place: 16th February 2008 (Saturday), at Press club of India (Delhi).

1 Raisana Road, adjacent to Metro Station of Central Secretariat.

Phone: 23719844, 23736248 (near Hotel Le Meridian).


· 3:15 PM to 5:15 PM - the Speakers will be given 10 minutes each, followed by some free time to interact with those present, including the press and media.

· 5:15 PM to 5:30 PM - Gender Human Rights Society representatives will talk about the book.

· 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM - Tea

In between the speeches, representatives of following organizations will be available for an informal interaction and written material by Save Family Foundation (Delhi), 498A Org (USA), My Nation (Dubai/USA) .

Inauguration by Mrs. Saroj Rani , Secretary MASI (Mothers and sisters initiative), a women members only organization also working towards obtaining justice for men.

Mr. Swarup Sarkar, Coordinator of Save Family Foundation (NGO) says:"35 pages 498a survival guide, is a must read for those facing matrimonial conflict and false dowry cases. Law Makers say there is no LAW for Sexual Harassment LAW in India and fooling the people to make New LAW same like 498A/304B/DV act (Punishment without any evidence), where as Crime Bure Report says the existing Sexual Harassment LAW already provide the Maximum Convection rate after trail among all other IPC LAW (more than 50%), where as other special Law's like (498A+304B) convection rate is hardly less than 20% after trail. This clearly shows, our LAW maker's main aim to create more gender biased law, so that people can misuse the same and extorted the money and reduce the convection rate to blame Judiciary."

Sandeep Bhartia, President of the Gender Human Rights Society says "Law proposals in pipeline have an aim of getting press in control of radical feminists by Law. Another aim is to increase money and jobs reserved for women rights activists only, not to neutral women. This leads to distorted propaganda for earning money. Any Law that through old men out of house, even retired age old father-in-law have to pay maintenance to young educated daughter-in-law, if it is called Domestic Violence Law from Oct 2006 is wrong and Supreme court Judgment of Batra Vs Batra, that say, the Domestic violence act can be applied to only those houses, that the husband owns or has rented or has some ancestral share, is correct.

Dr. Anupama Secretary 498A Org, a NRI dominated organization says "Good compilation of research articles"

Supported by:

* Save Family Foundation (SFF), Delhi:9810611534/99111191132.
* Rakshak , USA: 98104520173.
* Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Bangalore: 0934285323538/98451437244.
* My Nation, Dubai/USA: 0096-538692955.
* Protect Indian Family (PIF), Mumbai: 09869323538/ 98214143366.
* Bharat Bachoo Sangthan, Kolkata : 098301515557.
* Sahana, Hydrabad :09848280354/099085784578.
* Protect men's Right, Kerala: 09387052990/04842304789.
* Men Cell, Delhi : 9810170681/986814260810.
* Save Innocent Mother and Sister (SIMS) , Bangalore:0934204138211.
* Men Rights Protection, Mumbai: 989266856012.
* Asha Kiran, Bangalore: 080-6533413513.
* Kutumb Rakshna Vedike: 0988693485314.
* Protect Men's Rights, Orissa: 094370833715.
* Pati Pariwar Kalyan Samiti, Lucknow : 09839097522
* SIF Times , Mumbai

Gender Human Rights Society (Regd.) NGO

Contact: President: Sandeep Bhartia Phone: 9971117829Secretary: Niladri Das Phone: 9811052770

BOOK INFORMATION: Wrong Gender biased Laws, 151 A4 size pages.

Published by: Gender Human Rights Society (Regd.) NGO
Price: Rupees 51 for quantities less then 10.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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