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List of the Boycot Product for Promotion of Domestic Violence Against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM machine:

List of the Boycot Product for Promotion of Domestic Violence Against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM machine:
ICICI Insurence : Openly term the Husband as Stupid by wife for not taking ICICI Insurence. It is a verbal and economical abuse agisnt Men.
Ponds : Promote the women to lie and term Husbands as wife beaters and say will donate "UNIFAME" 2 rupees for every Purchase of Ponds Cream. Till date no money or donations they have done for Men well fare.Golden Pond's makes waves with ad
Kitply Promote Domestic Violence: Wife Slap Husband ( Youtube Viedo).This is a very derogatory commercial that promotes physical, emotional and financial abuse against men. They may be considering it as some sort of a joke, but we would like to remind that violence is not funny be it against a man or a woman.
Wheel: There is an ad that shows the women of "National no pasina commission" (hypothetical name) beating Men because the wives are not comfortable with the ordinary washing powder.This is a clear promotion of Domestic violence of Physical, emotional, economical and verbal abuse.
In case you find any activity which Promotes the Domestic Violence against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM Machine , request to inform us .
Men - victims of Domestic violence
Indian men, forget about you do adultrity or not it does not matter , irrespective the allegation is true or false , not only you , your mother, sister, age old father will be thrown out of your own house under DV act , just one line complain : Just she have to say , "I am anticipate of Domestic Violence" from my partner , let it be a friend , husband or any one and you are out of your own house and land up in Railway Platform.

This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India.

For a wife even adultrity also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of "Name-calling" is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.

Further Reference:

Maintenance for live-in partner? or Legal Extrotion?
On the celebration of 19th November – International Men's Day

According to Labour and Employment Ministry, more women are getting employment even as men are being laid off. The data available for period from 2001 to 2005 says it straight. The number of employed people in both public and private sector came down by over 13 lakh in this period. But this fall was solely because of men losing their jobs. The number of employed men dropped by 14 lakh, from 228.4 lakh in 2001 to 214.4 lakh in 2005.

More than 82% Taxes earned by Indian Government from Indian men, but reality

is in last 60 Years Budget, the Fund for "Men Well fare " always is "Zero ", in

inspite every day more than 220 Men end their life compared to 120 Women as per

Crime Bure Reports in unnatural Death.

Proposal to Indian Government to Form Ministry of Men's Well Fare .
Objective and responsibility:

Stop the "Legal Terrorism" against Indian Men vides one-sided gender biased law like 498A/DV act/Maintenance Act125/Child Custody Act/Adultraty Act.

Joint Child custody or 33% reservation in child custody cases.
Stop abuse of Criminal Justice system. All Marriage related dispute to be resolved through Civil Law only, as Marriage is not a Crime in India.
Reduce the Men's suicide rate, especially after marriage. In 2005 more than 52000 married men had been end their life compared to 28000 married women.
Protection for men against Domestic Violence in terms of economical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse and sexual relationship abuse.
No alimoney/Child Custedy to the wives, who left the home at her own will/flimsy ground or filed fales 498A or DV act to settel the marrige dispute.
In all gender biased law the word "Men/Women" to be replaced by the word "Person" and "Wife/Husband" to be replaced by the word "Spouse".
Stop Creation of "Father less Child Society".
Stop harassment at work place. More than 160 millions Indian men are working in un-orginasied sectors, unhealthy-hazard work environments.
Reduce the Crime against men. In the year 2005, as per Crime Bure report, more than 22.5 lacks crime done against men only.
Prevention of Elder and Child abuse, as per WHO Report, Indian Elder Peoples abused by thier Daughter-in-law maximum by misuse of 498A .
Let Article 51A(e) of the Constitution of India be amended as:

51A. Fundamental duties. —It shall be the duty of every citizen of India—
(e) to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst
all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of 'women and men';
(and 'men' at the end be added which does not exist at present)
Everyone including the media persons know it that it is a truth in the society today increasing trend wives does commit violence upon their husbands, even as far as killing their husbands. Not just a common knowledge, but even official statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau and CSR proves that more than 56000 married men have committed suicide in the last 2 years as against only around 28000 married women.

Not only the government has turned a blind eye towards the apathy of men in India, who pay 82% of the taxes to sustain the very same government, but even private companies/corporates also are playing instrumental roles in promoting such domestic violence against men by broadcasting such disgusting ads on national TV. They only Treat the Indian Men as Free ATM Machine and not a single activity they do for Men Well fare.
With this sort of ignorance on your part, it is evident that such corporate are also responsible for the 56000 married men committing suicides, as you are encouraging the wives to hit and torture their husbands and justifying the same as alright because it is being telecast on the TV.
We from Save family Foundation, Delhi, (Regd.), an organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and family harmony, are writing to you to ask you to immediately revoke the commercial promoting domestic violence against men.
We appeal to all honest Citizen of India to Stop the Domestic Violence against Men in terms of Verbal abuse, mental abuse, economical abuse and Sexual abuse and Boycot those orginasations/Corporate/product Advertisement , till the time the Domestic Violence Act do not became Gender Equll and Goverment Form Men Well fare ministry.


For Further Reference:
Proposal to Indian Government to Form Ministry of Men's Well Fare .
Ban NCW and their associates – for promotion of Legal Terrorism in India.

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