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Indian Men are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?

Indian Men are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?
"Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are" Says Noah Porter.

As a Volunteer and Moderator of SIF ( Save Indian Family ) , every day I used to habituated to hear the Same Cry , Pain , Frustration of thousands Age Old parents , Pregent Sister , handicapped Husbands , when this Terrorism ( Legal and Human) in India will Stop??

Recently though the Supreme Court of India Cautioned to take the necessary precaution and seal the hope hole in 498A and anti-dowry LAW to stop such Legal terrorism , our LAW maker does not brother to respect the same , where as they are ready with another tools in the Name of Domestic Violence Act instead of a Domestic harmony Act , where a Husband and there all family members will be thrown out of House in the name of so called Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship ( no need any evidence , only her or her family members own statement is sufficient ) , where as for the same offence from the wife and their family members side , forget any punishment , there is no provision of a small warning for them , they have given them a whole sale free license for Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship .

Now the question is we ready to avoid a Terrorist attack in the form Legal or Human Terrorism?

Last one 3-year my experience is a Big "No".

SIF/SFF having the largest Network of NGOs and more than 100 Help lines all over the India, decided to utilize their all resources to expose the Terrorist let it be human or legal.

1.The SFF group comprises the most educated, qualified and talented (intelligentsia) people in different fields like Management Gurus, IT, Telecom, Banking, Service Industry, Bureaucrats, Media Personalities, Automobile and FMCG including NRI population and these are the people who have decided to come on the ground and fight for the justice.
2.The present size of the group stands at 1,00,000 active members across the globe (active = in constant touch).
3.We have grown from 3 persons in 2005 to currently 1,00,000 members due to dedicated, consistent, committed and hardworking volunteers. The community is growing even faster.
4.The group operates more than 100 active blogs (with regular updates), 16 websites, 26 NGOs and has a strong Internet campaigning group.
5.The group is connected through a centralized SMS and mail system – to mobilize the group within minutes across the country and globe.
6.It is a diversified group with regional sentiments/leaders and yet with a common objective to promote Gender Equal Laws and Policies.

I also appeal to all other NGOs instead of depending on Government or Politicians, take a small step to identify the Terrorist in your society, who may be your next door friend or in the same office, just keep a watch and help the ATS to expose them.

Recently when I meat a Commando who had on field experience 6 years in Punjab and presently last 5 years posted in Kashmir to fight against Terrorism, who share his experience with me, Which leads me to say all the nation how you can take a preventive action to avoid a terrorist attack, instead of crying after the terrorist completed their Job and killing a lot of Innocent People. It is up to you to decided, want to take preventive action or Cry after a terrorist attack.

1.Make Public Awareness for the Terrorist Activity, there is no logic, there is no aim, only aim to earn the money in dishonest way and create fear among the public by those radical Terrorist organizations.

2.Whenever you find Some Strange Attitude by some one, immediately inform to Police or necessary authority.
3.Save guard your valuable Items and family members in some Safe places to reduce the damage in a Terrorist attack.
4.When a Terrorist really attack , do not afraid , face them bravely and say ok You may seceded to kill me , but I will not allow to Kill you further Innocent by you or your associates.
5.Same thing when finally the 498A or DV Act or a Human Terrorist attack you, say the same and make a action Plan and prepare your self for a Long battle . Never allow them to take any undue advantages as a cake way.

Now you will be in two situations, the terrorist may say good bye to you and leave your Place or will Say sorry, I have changed and want to live with you as an Honest Citizen.

Ball is in your Court, if the terrorist say Good Bye, say them Good Bye as per your terms and condition


To make them a Honest Citizen , ask them to accept the crime in front of Judge and make all the legal Documents and unconditional commitment that they will not do such type of Terrorism in future irrespective of any situation .

When you see your Next home is burning and you prefer to sleep, be ready it is next your home will be under fire.

Wake up all SIF/SFF members and help to Stop this Terrorist activity of India and expose them in Public, irrespective of any Caste, religion or Sex.

Terrorist do not have any Caste/religion or sex, they are Terrorist and they do not deserve to live in a Civilized Society.

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