Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gender budgeting: Renuka loses out- Hindustan Times

Gender budgeting: Renuka loses out- Hindustan Times

Great News for Renuka Lovers. She had enough time to promote and fund for : "Do not trust men, trust condom" or ask women to Join "PUB Bhoro campain" , but have little time to do the Job asigned to her. Still we common people fooled and never wake up.

Women and Child Welfare Minister Renuka Chowdhury may be the government's face when it comes to women issues, but she fares poorly in spending money meant for them.

Her Cabinet colleagues have done better on account of gender budgeting, according to the numbers in the interim budget, unveiled on Monday.

While overall spending on fully women-centric programmes is estimated to total Rs 14,875 crore in 2008-09, about 30 per cent more than what was budgeted, the women and child welfare ministry is expected to spend about half the money that was allocated for the year. This year, the ministry is expected to spend only Rs 267 crore of the Rs 466.50 crore that was earmarked for fully women-focused schemes.

What is worrying is that the Swamyamsiddha scheme is expected to use only a quarter, or Rs 50 crore, of the Rs 200 crore that was budgeted for it. The scheme funds and aids women self-help groups and entrepreneurs. "Under its second phase, a countrywide programme covering all blocks was to be launched," said Yamini Mishra of the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability.

Ministry officials were not available for comments.

The government's gender budget statement — an exercise that the women and child welfare ministry has been pushing for — shows that other ministries have done better. The social justice and empowerment ministry is expected to spend Rs 646.17 crore on women schemes, almost double the amount it was allocated.

Further :

"Family against Women or 21st century Women against family?"

Number of cases when the husbands got the child visiting right or child custody, immediately the Domestic Violence act came as gift and the creation of "father less child " society awarded and our media friends openly announced, a child reunited with mother, but forget to mention that a child became "father less".

It is the another truth that her associates and our so called WCD minister openly says after passing the biased Domestic Violence Act:

· It's turn to suffer the Indian men, as women suffered for long. (Like as Muslim Kings had destroyed a lot of temple, so let demolish the entire Mosque in India).

· Don't trust Your Men, trust Condom, and in the name of reduce the AIDS. (Forget that the AIDS increased by multiple partner sex and condom used for multiple pattern sex, not for single pattern sex, which we term as married couple)

· It's Diwaly Gift to Indian women. (With in two weeks, four women send behind the bar under first DV act case in Pune and one age old women left her own house as her daughter-in-law walk in her house with her all friends and parents)

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