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Bow down before your wife's 'diktat', SC tells husbands

Bow down before your wife's 'diktat', SC tells husbands

NEW DELHI: If you want to buy matrimonial peace just do whatever your wife says!

This is not some piece of advice from a marriage counsellor, rather it is from the country's apex court.

A vacation bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Deepak Verma observed, "Bibi joh boltee hai woh sunno (listen to whatever your wife says), as otherwise it could land you in trouble. Because if you do not listen to her, you will suffer the consequences."

"Hum sab bhogi hai (we are all sufferers)," the bench said in a lighter vein.

The bench further said that a husband has to accept the suggestion of a wife irrespective of the fact whether it is sensible or not.

"If your wife asks you to put your face that side, put it that side. If she says, put it this side, then put it this side. Otherwise you will face trouble. Hum sub bhogi hai," the bench remarked again.

The interesting suggestions from the apex court evolved on Tuesday during a matrimonial case involving an Air Force official Deepak Kumar who complained that his estranged wife Manisha had ruined him and his family by implicating them in false criminal cases including sodomy.

The couple got married 17 years ago but matrimonial disputes surfaced between the two soon after marriage.

A district court in Chandigarh dismissed Deepak's plea for divorce as Manisha opposed it, but a single judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court granted decree of judicial separation.

On an appeal from Manisha, a division bench granted the decree of divorce as the marriage "had irretrievably broken down" besides directing Rs 10 lakh maintenance amount from Deepak to her.

Aggrieved by the high court's order Manisha filed the appeal in the apex court challenging the decree of divorce.

Deepak's counsel argued that Manisha even though had implicated her husband and his family in a host of criminal cases was yet opposing the divorce despite the marriage breaking down irretrievably.

The vacation bench however, posted the matter for further hearing to July last week as there was no urgency in dealing with the matter.

"You have waited for 17 years, so wait for a few more days," the bench said while switching over to the next item on the agenda.


In this country even a animal have right to get Justice, Protection, well fare but not for Indian Husbands. Supreme court of India opnely said the hard reality, Indian Husbands are Just Like a "Free ATM Machine".
Now, the Question is are Indian Husbands ready to accept that hard reality and will wake up to Stop the Legal Terrorism against Indian Husbands or still prefer to sleep?
Indian Husbands End thier life:It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man ?
Honorable Supreme court of India along with all LAW makers , still not able to answer : Is the Pain of a Mother or Sister is less or Nil , when they lose their son or brother?

If not then why a wife should not be punished, when the evidence are beyond reasonable doubt the husband end his life due to harassment by wife?

We wonder Whose life is in More Danger in India: Men or Women?

1. Crime Bureau data 2005: Married Men Suicide : 52k vs Married Women Suicide 28K.Still there is no LAW to Protect Men why?

2. 2006 Crime Bureau Data: Married Men Suicide: 55452 vs. Married Women Suicide:29869.

3. 2007 Crime Bureau Data : Married Men Suicide: 57593 vs. Married Women Suicide:30064.

Will Our LAW Maker change the LAW 304B (dowry death) to 304C (Sowry Death) and 498A (harassment to wife) to 498B (Sowry harassment by wife)?

In case when a wife end his life, irrespective of any reason , the husband and all his mother/sisters put behind the bar immediately , but when a Husband end their life, inspite of having the evidence , no one cares or media also do not find the same as news , forget about any Breaking News. We even witness the husbands and all his family members send behind the bar , even when the wife's family falsely claimed the wife is dead, where as the truth is the wife is alive and happily enjoying her life with another man.

Whereas , we have witness in this country , a women sleep with her boyfriend in Mumbai five star Hotel (few month back a Air Hostage women's suicide case) and the moment she suicide , all the News Channel claim the wife had been killed (where as the husband stay in Delhi) and it is to be termed as Dowry Death... wonder , where every suicide of a wife had converted to Dowry death and made more and more laws (as on date more than 6 laws to harass and treat the husbands family as Free ATM machine available in this country).

It is evident, more than 90% Indian Husband totally ignorant about the danger they are in and relax, till the time they hit by those dangerous weapon of Legal Terrorism in the form of one sided law like 498a/DV Act/Crpc125/child custody/adultery/maintenance.

This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India, made by congress Government.

For a wife even adultery also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of “Name-calling” is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.


For further Reference:

Vote for any Party, but Not to Congress.
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After President of India , now Chief Justice of India admits to Misuse of Dowry Law.

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