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Sailor set to test political waters, raises dowry issue - Delhi: Times of India

Sailor set to test political waters, raises dowry issue - Delhi: Times of India

NEW DELHI: Captain Sudhir Kumar is thrilled with the kind of support he has been getting, specially from women. Far from the regulated, almost regimental life he is used to, Kumar is sweating it out in the Delhi sun and getting a taste of Indian politics. He is contesting the general elections from the New Delhi constituency as candidate of the little known Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD) and is addressing issues that nobody seems to have paid much attention to till now safety at sea for Indian sailors is just one of them.

Kumar, presently working with the merchant navy, has been associated with BPD since its inception in 2006. The volunteers comprise ex-IITians, MBAs and engineers and the target audience is the middle class voter. That is precisely why Kumar chose to enter the battle from a strongly contested zone. "I represent the common man who is fed up with dirty politics. All my voters are decision makers. The New Delhi constituency has the maximum number of people who can make a difference to the legal and administerial way of functioning in the country,'' says Kumar.

The party, that is fielding 11 contestants all over the country, is strongly focussed on family affairs and Kumar is arguing hard against the present dowry laws. "I have been campaigning long hours and going for padyatras too. The response has been phenomenal, specially from women who have connected to the issues I have raised. No civil or uncivil country punishes 10-30 relatives for a crime that is no crime. A marital dispute is between the husband and wife and unless there are bigger issues attached to it, should be dealt with in a civil court and not a criminal court,'' says Kumar.

Kumar is on leave from his job at present, having come to Delhi only 20 days ago to start his campaigning. "I am an honest person and need a job to support my family,'' he laughs, adding that if he is elected, he would have no option but to quit. "I know the competition I am up against but it doesn't deter me at all. I would be happy if I am able to get my message across to the people and make some difference to their lives,'' he adds.

Because of his strong connections with Africa he has been posted there for several years Kumar is also advocating strong ties with the continent. "India is going to be facing a severe shortage of food grains in the next five years or so. Africa can be our food basket and we need to develop our relations with them,'' he says.

Far from the usual promises of roti, kapda aur makan, Kumar has an entirely new agenda up his sleeve which includes urban rebuilding of Delhi, domestic harmony, judicial reforms and freedom of media and private radio.


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Vote for Sudhir in New Delhi SIF Commondo Memeber
As per Indian Crime Bure report, today more than 56000 Indian Husbands ending their life every year ( as per Crime Bure Report) due to congress anti-husbands, anti-family and anti-child biased and lopsided LAW like 498A/Domestic Violence act/CRPC125/Adultrity LAW/ 4 different maintance laws. The whole Husbands family had been converted as Free ATM machine and they had been treated worse than an animal in this country due all congress biased and lopsided law and policy.

Inspite of Supreme Court termed the Misuse of 498A as “Unlash Legal Terrorism” and Domestic Violence act as “most clumsy drafted LAW”, Congress government had not taken any corrective action and the whole husband’s family is suffering today.

And for Indian men, it does not matter, irrespective the allegation is true or false, not only you, your mother, sister, age old father will be thrown out of your own house under DV act, just one line complain by your wife.

On the other hand you have option also, vote for congress and ensure more and more suffering, as not only congress all other political party will consider increasing the suffering of Husbands and their family members termed in this country as Social service and Indian Husbands and their family members can’t ensure their defeat or reduce their vote share, so make more and more anti-husband, anti-family, anti-child and anti-men biased and lopsided law in this country.

Choice is with you, do remember even a small child also do not get the milk if he/she do not cry for that that.

Congress government had converted the Indian Criminal Justice system as a whole sale free money earning business though Legal Extortion from Husbands and their family members.
The New Delhi parliamentary constituency would include:
Karol Bagh (reserved),
New Delhi,
Rajinder Nagar,
Patel Nagar (reserved),
Moti Nagar,
Delhi Cantonment,
Kasturba Nagar,
Greater Kailash
Malviya Nagar.


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