Thursday, August 27, 2009

Indian Husband or Free ATM Machine?

Indian Husband or Free ATM Machine?

You must well aware how indian Judges and LAW makers, Treat the Indian Husbands worse than a animale in this country, if not read this News :
Punjab: Man wants to sell kidney to pay alimony: Times of India

CHANDIGARH: Unable to pay maintenance to his wife, a man has approached a court in Punjab to allow him to sell his one of his two kidneys so that he
could pay up.

The Ropar resident, who found the sum stipulated by the court way beyond his means, filed an application under section 125 of CrPC (order for maintenance of wives, children) in the court of the judicial magistrate on August 22, seeking permission to sell his kidney to pay Rs 8,000 as interim maintenance to his wife.

Narrating his ordeal in the application, he said the court had ordered him to pay his wife a monthly interim allowance of Rs 3,500 under CrPC and another interim maintenance of Rs 4,500 per month under the Domestic Violence Act. Denying any permanent means of livelihood, he said he found it difficult to sustain himself as his small monthly earnings made up for only Rs 3,600 per month.

Despite his meagre income, the man tried to pay maintenance to his wife regularly. But, under the circumstances, he is left with no option but to sell his body organs.

They will not show any humunity towards you , as per them , Indian Husbands are only a Free ATM machine. They will remind you the minimum wages act, but the same minimum wages act will not be applicable for wife at all.

Maintance in two differnet Law at a same time ( Crpc125 and Dv act) is total violation of Indian Constituion artilce 20, where it had clearly mentioned a person can’t be prosuced twice for the same offence, but who cares and when Judicery became blind of any country and violate the Nation’s own Constituions, even God also can’t help that Nations. Today a rapist, terroist get better Justice than Indian Husbands in this country.

Stop the Legal Terrorism by promoting Gender Biased LAW and Stop treating the Indian husbands as Free ATM Machine. First give your daughter/sister equal rights in your own home and make her established to take care herself, instead of treating the Husbands family as a Free ATM Machine.

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How to come out from the Finciancial Losses due to 498A/DV/CRPC 125?

A must to do activity : Whenever your so called wife demand and claim that she do not have any place to stay and give interim maintiance or residence etc, immediately , ask the concern auntority to Put her in “Goverment Shelter Home” , get the Booklet form the WCD ministry .

One simple appeal : “The court may put her in any of the recognised shelter house maintained by govt.( the list of shelter homes are endless) as a interim relife and husband are ready to provide all the expenses of the Shelter Home till the time the fianl decision of the Case not decided.”

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At 3:28 PM, Blogger Rationalist said...

The law enforcement can be very insensitive in India. The laws have become larger than (or may be non-existent) value system.
We as a nation are not at peace with role of women in our society. Here are my two cents on the subject:-

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