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Boycott Gillette Razor for Promotion of Domestic Violence Against Men and Treat Men as Fre

Boycott Gillette Razor for Promotion of Domestic Violence Against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM machine.

This is the most dirtiest Ads I have seen, " Terming men Lazy if they do not shave", is nothing but is a clear example of Promotion of Domestic violence against men in the form of " Economical Abuse", "Verbal abuse" and "Mental abuse".

Though I am a clean shaved regularly, but that does not mean , Gillette have the whole sale free licence to Promote the "Domestic violence against men and treat the Men as Free ATM machine."

If a person can't effort to buy the Gillette, that does mean they are lazy ? Are their women ready to pay up their Bill if some one can't effort to shave every day due to finical problem?

So we argue to all Indian men to Boycott the Gillette for their promotion of Domestic violence( economical, mental and verbal abuse) against men by their selfish Advertisement .
This is not new for such peoples in the corporate to abuse the men to promote their product as no one questions them for abuse the men , but no more, men have to wake up and give a clear message that such type of abuse of men will not be tolerated and their product will be boycotted.

Gullet Razor : Terming men as Lazy , if they are not Shaved every day,is a clear example of Promotion of Domestic Violence against men in the form of "Economical abuse", "mental abuse" and Verbal abuse".

Read Earlie's activity and all ads had been withdrawn :

List of the Boycot Product for Promotion of Domestic Violence Against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM machine:

ICICI Insurence : Openly term the Husband as Stupid by wife for not taking ICICI Insurence. It is a verbal and economical abuse agisnt Men. ( Ads withdran)
Ponds : Promote the women to lie and term Husbands as wife beaters and say will donate "UNIFAME" 2 rupees for every Purchase of Ponds Cream. Till date no money or donations they have done for Men well fare.Golden Pond's makes waves with ad ( Ads withdran)
Kitply Promote Domestic Violence: Wife Slap Husband ( Youtube Viedo).This is a very derogatory commercial that promotes physical, emotional and financial abuse against men. They may be considering it as some sort of a joke, but we would like to remind that violence is not funny be it against a man or a woman. ( Ads withdran)
Wheel: There is an ad that shows the women of "National no pasina commission" (hypothetical name) beating Men because the wives are not comfortable with the ordinary washing powder.This is a clear promotion of Domestic violence of Physical, emotional, economical and verbal abuse.
In case you find any activity which Promotes the Domestic Violence against Men and Treat Men as Free ATM Machine , request to inform us .
Men - victims of Domestic violence
Indian men, forget about you do adultrity or not it does not matter , irrespective the allegation is true or false , not only you , your mother, sister, age old father will be thrown out of your own house under DV act , just one line complain : Just she have to say , "I am anticipate of Domestic Violence" from my partner , let it be a friend , husband or any one and you are out of your own house and land up in Railway Platform.

This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India.

For a wife even adultrity also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of "Name-calling" is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.

Further Reference:

Maintenance for live-in partner? or Legal Extrotion?

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.

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At 12:44 PM, Blogger ragashwar said...

it is not logical to boycott the finest razor in the 1 has FORCED men to shave...women love clean shaved men..its a its upto every individual...wether he wants to shave or not! i love gillette personally! excellent blades

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Saurabh said...

I am not going to giveup on the finest razor blades because of this illogical article...

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Dear Paid service agents/blogers of gillette, your comment itself proves behond resonable dought the promotion of domestic violence against men is the main moto of Gillette, go and make the air of advetisement in all over every day, and then see the effect.
Some male haters women fantesy fulfillment is not every mens ethics.
Yes, it is the choice, for the people to boycott or use, and we allready boycotted and gillette know very well the effect of the same, so noly piad bloggers like you are active, wellcome.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Swarup said...

Yes, enjoy the domestic violence againt men and use the so called razers, where every day man have to fight for 20 or 30 ruppes to earn thier bread and butter, sick minded people like you defenitely will love gillette.


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