Friday, September 14, 2012


WIFE SALARY: OPEN LETTER TO WCD MINISTER MS. KRINSHA TRAPTHI Why WCD do not calculate how much a Housewives spend for her living before claim give salary? As per Crime Bure report Every 9 min a married men ending their life, do you know? What you have done till today for them to reduce that? Why when a married men end their life why wife should not responsible? You made 304B, when any wife end their life, you put all husbands and their family behind the bar by default, irrespective the same true or wrong case? The above question raise with the another money earning proposal by WCD proposed bill in the name of women is abala so it is men have to pay the price for her inability to earn or work, which all over world no country follow but WCD want to implement in India to hide their own failure of women welfare schemes and wasting tax prayers money. Making marriage as a contract of employment, which can never be terminated if the person taken the Job is not doing properly, is nothing but shows their sick mindset only. As there are already a bunch of gender biased law , like 498A/DVact/Crpc125 which had getting misused left/right/center and WCD responsible for that.First they create gender biased law with assumption a women can never lie and destroy the family harmony result : create more and more divorce and then cry we want money, we want money without any hard work as divorce is increasing, widow is increasing!!! After divorce you are free to do what you can and you are not doing any household work for husbands or husbands family , so why make husband responsible for your not able to earn the money? If a husband make same claim, will they agree to pay the Husbands a working wife monthly maintenance? Now will they give the expenses a husband does to his wife like and have ever made any study how much cost it is need to meet those expenses, like 1. Staying in Good Flat/home with all furnished Households. 2. Food, Traveling, Shopping 3. Personnel care, cloths 4. Medical and Health care 5. Gold Jewelries, diamonds, ornamentals 6. Purchase of Property/Flats. 7. Miscellanies EXPENSES IN THE NAME OF FESTIVAL, VISIT TO PARENTS/BTOERHS/SISTERS. WHO PAYS ALL THOSE EXPENSES? DOES WCD PAY THOSE EXPENSES FOR ALL HOUSEWIVES? If husbands start calculating the same, he will have much better option. The proposal of WCD is not only sick is totally shows their typical male haters attitude. Instead of encouraging women to be self depended, they are teaching them how to enjoy a lavish life style without doing any hard work. Ok, tell us when women stay in her own parent’s house how much she income and spend, have ever calculated? What if the wife does not does the job she is suppose to do as housewives? Reality of today: more than 70% house hold job done by maids or husbands parents. 20% by husbands and hardly 10% done by so called educated housewives. No one had stopped women to work and earn, it is they choose the easy option as the same is more beneficial for them. Sallary for Child care: Does the responsibility only for father? Women do not have any responsibility, if so they can stop giving birth to child and get the operation before marriage itself, if they feel the same is so many burdens for them. Even a animale also take care thier child, who pay them for that? If our Indian women became so much greedy that the taking care of Child burden to them and want sallary for that job, fine, take your payment, but there will not be any right to you over the child , as you had allready got the payment for your job you have done for the child. Will they agree? STOP TREATING CHILD CARE AS A PRODUCT OR SERVICE EVEN A ANIMALE ALSO DO NOT DO THAT, TRY TO BE HUMAN. AT THE END STOP TREATING HUSABNDS AS FREE ATM MACHINE, NO ONE GIVE FREE MONEY TO A HUSABNDS, IT IS HE HAVE TO WORK LIKE DONEY FOR THAT AND ONE DAY DIE IN HEART ATTACK . A housewives what they give for a family get back at least 5times more. Want to kill the marriage institution, go ahead, already all 498a girls are begging men as the more and more awareness coming maximum men says 498a girls excuse us. The day you stop crying for money, money, money , 99% of all family disputes will stops and a men will give you at least 1000 times more by default what you deserve, but for that please fulfill your responsibility as a wife and stop nagging husbands and husbands family. At the end, we stick to our basic demand: Any LAW/policy should be made gender neutral , the word should be spouse, if a house wife , who does not have earning have to pay by husband, same way a working wife also should pay her husbands, if he does not have source of income. If WCD are so much jealous of men earning so much, there is no solution for jealousy, as it needs hard work and wiliness to earn. Teach your women to first get established before getting marriage, if she had so much problem, no one put a gun in her head to get married and became a Housewives or working wives, it is their own choice to live a comfortable lavish lifestyle by their own, no one put a gun to them before marriage, so the decision they have to take before marriage than cry after wards and make the whole marriage relationship based on money, money, money!!!!! MONEY CAN’T BUY OR BUILD A RELATIONSHIP , BUT YOUR SUCH BIASED, ONESIDED PROPOSALS CREATING A DISHARMONEY AMONG MARRIED COUPLE AND YOU KNOW THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IS THE FIGHT BETWEEN HUSBAND VS WIFE AND ALL ARE ENJOYING THE SAME BY PUTTING MORE GHEE TO FIRE. Instead of advocate such madness to create disharmony in society, concentrate on real women empowerment, and create more job opportunity, where both men and women can lead a respectable and dignified life. ----- Related News Dainik Bhaskar: News X : India Speek Out:Video : Speak out India: Wives should be paid for ... Salary to the wife? Men's groups fume over proposed law: Rediff News : Pay salary to wives? 'Treat her like an employee then' Daily Bhaskar Economics Journal: Valuing the Indian Housewife by Rupa Subramanya Conclusion as : "But the Ministry of Women and Child Development is definitely wrong with its proposal to make it mandatory for men to share a percentage of their salaries with their wives who are homemakers, presumably to make up for their work being unpaid. Leaving aside the philosophical objection that it would be paternalistic and illiberal, at a more fundamental level this proposal completely misunderstands the economics of unpaid work. If it was possible to correctly measure, unpaid work would increase the notional value of a household’s income as it would add the non-market “income” of the housewife to the earned income of the husband. But making men pay their wives for household work doesn’t increase the household’s total income and amounts instead to a forced transfer payment from husband to wife – like a tax within the household imposed by the government." There’s a legitimate debate over unpaid work and measuring its value would be important considering how widespread it is in India. But proposing that husbands should be taxed to subsidize their wives is an all together different issue. A more direct solution to the problem of unpaid work is for the government to directly subsidize the housewife. The downside to this is that it would create yet another costly entitlement program to add to the many that the government has already created. Rupa Subramanya writes Economics Journal for India Real Time. You can follow her on Twitter @RupaSubramanya."


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